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It's the first annual Spring Sale over at Direct2Drive. That directly translates to awesome sales on titles available through its service.  The Spring Sale will run for four weeks and will include both games and discounted bundles.  Some highlights of the sale for this week (which includes 21 games or bundles) are:

Gun - $10 (50% off)
Gothic III - $5 (83% off)
MotoGP 08 $5 (88% off)
Atari 2010 Spring Bundle - $65 (76% off)

There's a whole host of others.  It makes me anxious to find out what the next three weeks will offer.
Direct2Drive.com is kicking off their first annual Spring Sale this week, bringing PC gamers four weeks of great deals on hit PC games as well as hugely-discounted bundles. Featured games will be up to 88% off original pricing. The Spring Sale on D2D runs from today through May 9, 2010, with new discounted games launching each Monday morning.

Additionally, Direct2Drive will be giving gamers $15 in store credit when they spend $75 or more on any titles site-wide during the Spring Sale.

D2D’s Week 1 sale begins with 21 great deals, including a bundle of hits from Atari and four deeply discounted favorites:

· Atari bundle – 13 games including The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut, Champions Online, and Atari Arcade Hits – for just $75 – 72% off!
· King’s Bounty: Gold Edition – 67% off – now $14.95
· Battlestations: Pacific – 49% off – now $17.95
· DCS: Black Shark – 63% off – now $14.95
· Call of Cthulhu – 83% off – now $5
· And many more!

Ignore all that itchy pollen from blooming flowers and stay out of the rain. Huddle up with the comfort and security of your PC and check out Direct2Drive’s Spring Gaming Fever at http://www.direct2drive.com/promos/spring-sale/

Be sure to come back to D2D next Monday to check out Week 2’s deals!
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