A 'Super' 12 Days of Xmas for AT&T mobile subscribers

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If you're an AT&T mobile subscriber you're in luck, because the stick-figured adventures of Super Action Hero will enjoy the "12 Days of Xmas" edition starting December 25th, Christmas Day.  Holiday masks will be unlocked, one a day, until January 6th (if you miss them, unlocking tips will be available at com2us.com on the 7th).


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Los Angeles, California- Dec. 13, 2007- Com2us, a leading provider of mobile entertainment, today announced a special 12 Days of Christmas edition of Super Action Hero, its popular stick-figure action game for mobile phones.

Provide real, usable information. Avoid a slick sales pitch. Reporters are only interested in the facts.In addition to the fast-paced action and dynamic graffiti-like graphics the original Super Action Hero is known for, the 12 Days of Xmas edition includes a fun holiday twist. Beginning Dec. 25, Christmas day, a brand-new holiday mask (certainly more useful than a partridge or a pear tree) will be unlocked daily through Jan. 6. Each of the 12 masks will imbue everyone's favorite stick-figure hero with a powerful new ability, and allow players to customize him in festive new ways.

"We're bringing some holiday joy to fans of the original Super Action Hero with the special 12 Days of Xmas edition," said Chris Im, VP of the International Business Unit at Com2uS Corporation. "And for those who miss the chance to unlock the 12 masks during the event days, tips will be revealed at www.com2us.com after Jan. 7."

Super Action Hero: 12 Days of Xmas is exclusively available to AT&T mobile subscribers, and can be downloaded from the Holiday Games menu of the AT&T Media Mall.

About Super Action Hero

Super Action Hero is an action game starring a stick-figure hero. This mobile game contains 10 mission stages, challenging players to become the true hero while collecting special masks to upgrade their powers. Both the missions and the player's repertoire of easily executable lethal combos, all of which can be carried out using the D-pad/joystick and center key, increase in complexity as the game progresses. As the stick-figure hero runs, leaps and fights, his superhero gauge gradually fills, giving him the ability to unleash special attacks. Super Action Hero has a unique graffiti-cartoon look, and the mask system lets players choose from 32 different masks that not only customize the look of their character, but also bestow different strengths on the hero. Online competition lets players discover who the true heroes really are. Super Action Hero is available for AT&T and TMobile mobile phones.

About Com2us (www.Com2us.com)

Com2us Corporation, established in July 1998, became the first and leading mobile entertainment provider in Korea. Since then, Com2us has developed a reputation for creating innovative and entertaining games and applications around the world, which are available in over 40 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

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