A REAL bridge to nowhere: Trekkers cosplay to commemorate STO launch

by: Ben Berry -
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I have been to 2 star trek conventions. I went to both in high school. The first was to see Marina Sirtis. I mean, who wouldn't drive an hour to see her at the pinnacle of her hotness? Then Kirk and Spock were doing a tour so my dad took my best friend Jeni and I to see them for my 18th birthday.

At both conventions there were folks in costume. Most recently at CES, a girl came dressed in original series mini-dress to interview Brent Spiner at the Blackberry blogger party. At least she had the legs and body to rock the uniform.

Anyways, 99 people who don't mind public ridicule went to the millenium bridge in London, and were considered a world record of nerds in costume. Im not too sure which is worse: being one of the 99, or being a GIANT LOSER PROFESSIONAL Jean-Luc Picard impersonator who hit on the guys dressed as Wesley officiated the event.

I like Star Trek as much as the next guy... ok maybe not.

Hit the jump to read the press release. Thank goodness Star Trek Online is better than this event.

Qapla! Namco Bandai delighted as Star Trek Fans set a new
Guinness World Record on Valentine’s Day
Namco’s Log, Supplemental – 15th February 2010: Scores of Star Trek fans turned out on London’s Millenium Bridge on Valentine’s Day as a new world record was set for the ‘largest gathering of Star Trek fans dressed in character’ with 99 fans attending in their fantastic Star Trek costumes.
This is the first time Guinness World Records have been called upon to adjudicate such an event and judges were ably assisted by Giles Aston, a Star Trek aficionado and professional ‘Captain Jean-Luc Picard’ impersonator in determining the authenticity of the participants’ cosplay attempts.
Lee Kirton, Head of PR at Namco Bandai said of the event “The turnout today was nothing short of fantastic. Namco Bandai and Atari are absolutely delighted to have been involved in this record breaking activity and it’s a testament to the Star Trek fans’ amazing dedication that so many turned out on Valentine’s Day.”
Gaz Deaves, editor of the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition said “We’re pleased to kick off this category here in London and hope other star trek fans around the world will come forward to break this record again”
The world record was conducted to celebrate the launch of hit MMO, Star Trek Online which launched in the UK on February 5th. Namco Bandai would like to thank every individual who attended. In the words of Mr. Spock, ‘Live long and prosper.’
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