A Madden perspective from the “inside”

by: Dan -
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A lot of gamers have a yearly obsession that involves a ritual of purchasing the newest Madden video game and starting that grind through their virtual NFL season. Another annual ritual is looking through the ratings of players and having discussions over what they should, or shouldn’t be. However, what happens when the person involved in the discussion is also an active NFL player?

Brandon Lloyd, soon to be formerly of the Chiefs, has this unique perspective as told through Jon Robinson’s The Gamer blog over at ESPN.com. The interview starts with Lloyd’s impending free agency, and what happens when the Madden 13 simulation system pairs Lloyd and his coveted 99 Acrobatic Catch rating with the Patriots and Tom Brady’s 95 Power and 97 accuracy rating.

The remainder of the article is based on Lloyd’s thoughts on many Madden topics as well as what games he is currently playing. I encourage you to give it a read if you have a chance, as t is offers a unique perspective of both a gamer and a NFL player regarding Madden.
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