A (pre)View to a Kill

by: Randy -
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  • OS X-ers can sit down at the frag feast with this Quake 4-course demo.
  • Spore swims ever closer to it's Q1 2007 release.  Until then, here's the Sims 2 character creation demo, just to keep the Will Wright World Domination Wheel turning.
  • (I'm stuck on the Spore topic right now because I finally saw this incredible video inspiring Will Wright to commence Spore's creation.)
  • Duty calls once again.  AtomicGamer previews and posts pics for Call of Duty 3.
  • Here's some unspeakably dull gameplay footage for The Lord of the Rings Online.
  • Go to hell and take someone with you.  This Painkiller: Hell Wars video shows off multiplayer action.
  • Get behind the enemy lines of Joint Task Force with their second, third, and fourth behind-the-scenes videos.
  • Here's the FIFA 07 intro video to warm you back up to the world's most popular sport (statement not valid in the United States).
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea awoke the Disney beast: Here comes Pirates of the Caribbean Online, times two.
  • Use your hawk-like vision to check out Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam walkthrough trailer.
As always, thanks to AtomicGamer for the links.
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