7-Eleven has exclusive Sony DLC

by: Jeremy -
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Convenient store chain 7-Eleven has launched a rewards program aimed at PlayStation 3 players. The company is currently offering exclusive DLC for games such as Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3, and PlayStation Home.

In order to lay claim to some of the prizes for yourself, you need to accumulate reward points which are available on specially marked Sackboy and Helghast Slurpee cups found throughout the various stores. The promotion is going to run through the end of March and a complete listing of available prizes is being revealed on 7-Eleven’s official Slurpee Rewards page.

Thus far, the only rewards being offered are Killzone 3 wallpapers and LBP2 ringtones. Additional content, including in-game sticker packs for LBP2 and map packs for Killzone 3. It is also being advertised that you can claim a prize of your own Slurpee machine for your PlayStation Home apartment. I want one!

Source: The Examiner

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