6th Age of Runescape 3 launches first quest.

by: Sean Cahill -
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Runescape 3 launched to the public just last month with a pretty successful following.  Now that the semantics are out of the way, Jagex has jumped in and made sure the first quest is available in the name of The Death of Chivalry.  After many years of the Runescape series still going strong, it's good to see fresh content continuing to become available for the third title in the series.  The quest is now available and will be sure to provide ample entertainment for all players of the game.
RuneScape 3 launches first quest in the New 6th Age
Now that the gods have returned to RuneScape, they are wasting no time in unleashing their influence to win over the inhabitants of Gielinor.
Since launching RuneScape 3 last month, Jagex hasn’t wasted any time pulling together the first quest content for the new age of RuneScape. The Death of Chivalry is the first quest to be released since RuneScape 3’s launch and features one of the key figures in RuneScape’s colourful cast of heroes – Sir Owen. Sent on a mission to recover a powerful artifact, players will join him as they infiltrate the notorious Black Knight Castle in order to retrieve this mysterious artifact for the mighty god Saradomin.
There are decisions to be made and secrets to be revealed, but players will need to choose wisely as the choices made here will have impact far and wide! 
There are some cracking post-quest rewards for members too, including a full cosmetic armour override set, righteous helpings of Prayer and Combat XP and much more.
The Death of Chivalry launches today and can be played by all RuneScape players, no matter what their level, however don’t expect an easy ride as the quest’s difficulty scales to match the player’s level. 

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