3DS gets getting a pretty ugly add-on

by: John -
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Chalk up another reason I'm glad I didn't pick up the Nintendo 3DS when it first came out. It looks like Nintendo's going to be adding a second analog stick on the right side via an attachment.

From the pic below, you can see a pretty ugly looking attachment that connects to the underbelly of the hand held. From the word going around, it'll also contain a second battery to help with the shorter battery life of the unit. also, L2 and R2 buttons will be added as well.

So far only one game, Monster Hunter Tri G, will take advantage of the new controls, but more should probably follow. Still, you can't help but look at it and see the added bulk and know that Nintendo will launch a redesign of the hand held with the extra controls in the future.

The question now is how much is it going to cost and how this will segment the (small) group of people owning 3DS who decide to or not pick up the peripheral. It's a shade like the Motion Control Plus attachment, but that just added better tracking of motion. This adds three new controls to the scheme, which now developers might have to detect or make it a requirement. Fun times being a 3DS developer, fun times.

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