3DS LEGO Pirates? Avast ye maty!

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Earlier this month we caught our first glimpse of Captain "Lego" Sparrow and what the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game might look like. While it was included that the Nintendo DS would be on the games release schedule, it did not differentiate between the current DS series or the 3DS. Today, we get confirmation that the 3DS is good to go and it will have a few cool modes of its own. The best appears to be the “Pirate Duel”, which basically looks to random match you with other players using WiFi and the Street Pass feature to auto connect you with the guy at the next table. Not sure how pertinent that feature will be as the game gets long in the tooth, but it is a nice option out of the gate. Also, it looks like May 2011 is the release, but expect it late in the month.


Nintendo 3DS Version to include Special Features and Eye-Popping Graphics

BURBANK, Calif. – Feb. 15, 2011 – Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of pirates will bound into 3D action with LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game for the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system in May 2011. Published by Disney Interactive Studios and developed by TT Games, the Nintendo 3DS version will bring the LEGO Pirates world to life with vivid 3D in the palms of players’ hands. The game will include unique features such as “Pirate Duel,” a chance encounter system, as well as high resolution graphics and support for Play Coins.

“The Nintendo 3DS lets players experience a LEGO game like never before, and allows us to add new depth to the Pirates of the Caribbean universe,” said Adam Sussman, senior vice president of publishing, Disney Interactive Studios. “The game incorporates new features such as the Pirate Duel system and high resolution 3D effects to deliver fun and clever gameplay that fans of the LEGO series expect.”

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game re-creates the action, adventure and memorable moments of the Pirates of the Caribbean mythology in LEGO form, incorporating the humor of LEGO minifigures and fantastic worlds built from LEGO bricks. Players can take on the roles of more than 70 characters and experience the pirate adventures, irreverent humor and amazing creatures of the Pirates of the Caribbean films through action-adventure gameplay and quirky LEGO cut scenes. Throughout the game, players also have the freedom to explore environments from the highly acclaimed movie series.

The Nintendo 3DS “Pirate Duel” mode allows players to cross swords with nearby Nintendo 3DS owners using the Street Pass ™ feature. With Street Pass, the Nintendo 3DS automatically detects and communicates with other Nintendo 3DS devices. When an encounter with another Nintendo 3DS is initiated, “Pirate Duel” pits the players against each other in a battle where they will select from a series of attacks and blocks to be utilized by their LEGO pirates. Players can participate in duels to earn Play Coins that will unlock and allow them to use new characters. By winning duels, players also gain experience points, allowing them to move up the ranks and gain new rewards including extra health, new moves, new titles and extra characters. Players of the 3DS version will have the ability to turn of the 3D mode and play the game in standard 2D.

LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game will be released on the Wii™ console, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, Games for Windows PC/Mac Hybrid and the Nintendo DS™ family of hand-held systems. The games will be released simultaneously on all platforms with the highly anticipated new film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in May 2011. To date, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have generated more than $2.5 billion at the global box office, while the multiple Pirates of the Caribbean video games have sold more than 6 million units globally. In addition, a collection of LEGO brand Pirates of the Caribbean construction toys that will set children’s imaginations sailing on thousands of build-and-play adventures is scheduled to launch in May 2011.
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