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John gave us a preview last month of what 3DMark 11 will offer.  Futuremark announced yesterday that those interested in using this tool to benchmark their PC's performance will be able to do so on November 30.  The Advanced Edition will be $19.95 and offers much more versatility and features than the Basic (free) Edition.  They've released another preview trailer that shows off the finalized jungle footage and a Deep Sea scene.  

Do you want to see what's so amazing about some of the more recent display technologies?  Click here to go to the official site.  There are a number of screenshots that allow you to enable/disable the advanced rendering methods.  Doing so will help you see exactly what tessellation, volumetric lighting, and depth of field do for the image.  Read about all of the features in both editions in the full release.

3DMark 11 Release Date Announced, Pre-ordering Begins

New Trailer Shows Off Latest Tech in DirectX 11 Benchmark

HELSINKI, FINLAND – November 19, 2010 – Futuremark® announced today that 3DMark® 11, the latest version of the industry standard benchmark for real-time 3D graphics, will be released on November 30. 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition priced at $19.95 can be pre-ordered today from http://www.3dmark.com/. Futuremark has updated the 3DMark website to highlight the exclusive features in the Advanced Edition and has released a new pre-order preview trailer showing graphical improvements in the Deep Sea and High Temple scenes. A selection of new before and after screenshots demonstrate tessellation, volumetric lighting and other effects created with DirectX 11.

The new 3DMark 11 Pre-order Preview trailer shows off a number of improvements from the previously released work-in-progress tech demo videos. The Deep Sea scene now includes particle effects in the water as submersibles explore the sea bed and discover a sunken World War II submarine. In the High Temple scene the foliage is now animated and there are changes in the lighting conditions as the sun sets on the mysterious temple. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eY_En9VcwM

3DMARK 11 BASIC EDITION – Free, available from November 30
- Performance PC benchmark preset
- Audio visual demo, fixed at 720p
- Browse, search and compare results online
- Store one result online

- Entry level PC benchmark preset
- Performance PC benchmark preset
- Extreme PC benchmark preset
- Custom benchmark settings
- Audio visual demo, custom resolutions
- Benchmark looping for stability testing
- Browse, search and compare results online
- Unlimited online results storage
- Hide results from public view
- Offline result management
- Advert-free online service

3DMark 11 will be released on November 30, 2010. The Advanced Edition can be pre-ordered now from http://www.3dmark.com/ Please visit the official website for more trailers, screenshots and information.

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