3D games hitting PS3 in Japan on June 10th

by: Dan -
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According to an article on hollywoodinhidef.com, the PlayStation 3 will see its first 3D game downloads on the Japanese PSN store on June 10th. This is right after Sony plans a major presentation of its 3D at Culver City on June 9th.

According to the article, the titles that will be available are Mr. Pain, Star Strike HD, Wipeout HD and MotorStorm 2 as a free trial version. Pricing appears to be at $8.75 – $19.75 each, with upgrades also available to those that already have the 2D version purchased.

I would expect Sony to unveil these games (and others) at E3 the following week. At the 2010 CES, we saw several games (including Super Stardust HD, Avatar and Wipeout HD) that were being presented in 3D using the Sony active shutter glasses and 3D Bravia TVs. I played Super Stardust HD for about 15 minutes and it was an exceptional experience.

Look for more info on Sony 3D gaming from Chuck, John and Tina after E3.
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