3D Realms countersues Take Two on...Duke Begins?

by: John -
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Gamasutra has news on 3D Realms countersuing Take Two. Nothing surprising here as I thought they would but the surprisinng part was that 3D Realms wanted 2K Games to have developed and released a game called Duke Begins for 2010. 3D Realms said 2K Games ceased development on the game in April of this year and that Take Two breached the contract because they couldn't do that without 3D Realm's consent.

So we were going to get TWO Duke games? I know we've had a bunch of leaks for Forever so anyone on the dev team that want to send out some screens of any work in progress on Duke Begins please don't let anyone hold you back. I wouldn't be suprised if they were going to have Duke go on the Christian Bale rant in the game with that title. Maybe 3D Realms thought they could make it up to people with a double dose of Duke since Forever was delayed so much but it's a little sad to hear development stopped on that project as well. But, it would have been funny if 2K Games were going to make a Duke game that only took 1/3 of the time that Forever would have took.
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