3D Metal Gear arcade wants your quarters...

by: Jeremy -
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 The arcade scene, at least here in the United States, is all but dead.  Even movie theaters hardly have quality games any more and places like Gameworks are few and far between.  Over in Japan though, the arcade business is still quite successful.  Konami is looking to take a huge leap into that market soon as they revealed their upcoming Metal Gear Arcade at the Japanese AOU Expo.  
The game was actually announced last year but will finally be shown in playable form at this year's show in Japan.  The game is a take on Metal Gear Online which appeared on the PlayStation 3 but built from the ground up for the full arcade experience.  The game will offer both local and online multiplayer between various arcade locations and support voice chat between players.  The game will be a stand alone cabinet, capable of being enjoyed by anyone who sits down to play it in traditional 2D... but those who are willing to drop the cash can get so much more out of the experience.
Konami will also market a special pair of 3D glasses to gamers who wish to take the experience to the next level.  These aren't just a standard pair of 3D glasses either... these are fully functional head tracking goggles.  As for how the actual head / motion tracking works, we don't know yet... the same can be said about the price point.  You can bet that these won't be cheap though because they look to be a really high quality.  One can only hope that the bigger budget establishments like Gameworks and Dave & Buster's get Metal Gear Arcade here in the States once it launches.  this looks awesome...

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