360 and PS3 Fanboys set to collide as Gamestop hosts competing Midnight Madness events...

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Gamestop is treading on dangerous ground (not really) by holding a joint Midnight release events for both Fable II and Little Big Planet on Monday, October 20th. I expect a quick and decisive bloodbath for the 360 Fanboys, as their Fable II costumes and associated weaponry should be an overwhelming favorite over the PS3 fanboys and their sock puppets. However, you can't count out those resourceful sock puppets, as their level editing skills give them the edge in using the local environment to their favor to take the two hours in line to make some ultra-complicated device that could give them the win. But then again, the Fable II wives and pet dogs make it three on one...Oh yeah, the lines start forming at 10 p.m.
GameStop to Host Fable 2 and Little Big Planet Midnight Launches Nationwide

GRAPEVINE, Texas --(Business Wire)-- Oct 16, 2008 GameStop (NYSE: GME) today announced it will host midnight events for both Fable 2 by Microsoft and Little Big Planet by Sony on Monday, October 20, 2008. Starting at 10 p.m., fans across the country can line up at 2,300 GameStop locations to be the first to get their hands on two of the most highly-anticipated games of the fall.

Most participating GameStop locations will begin their events at 10 p.m. local time; however, customers are asked to contact their local store to confirm the exact time of the event.

To participate, visit a local GameStop store for details. To find a local store, log on to www.gamestop.com, and search using the 'Store Locator'.
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