360 and PC gets Fallout 3 content to continue play after end game, PS3 is a no

by: John -
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I'm very happy that Bethesda is finally going to give you the option to keep playing after the end of the main quest in Fallout 3. That is, if you are on the Xbox 360 or PC as the PlayStation 3 will not be getting the DLC yet and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't come out for the PS3. So, if you want to play those other side quests you might have missed you'll have to reload a save game on the PS3. Sucks, yes but it is what it is. I wonder if Microsoft paid Bethesda a boat load of bottle caps to make it this way.  If you only have the PS3, I still recommend you pick up the game as it's the tops. I'm going through some of it again myself to get ready for the DLC coming in a few months.
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