32 Indie PC games on sale for the next 7 days

by: Nathan -
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Who loves sales? I know I do. Who doesn't like sales? Maybe the same people who think ET for Atari 2600 is the greatest game of all time! 

Anyways, showmethegames.com is hosting its summer sale, and for the next 7 days, over 32 Indie PC games will be on sale. Some of these games are up to 75% off . You can check out the sale at the following link. http://www.showmethegames.com/sales.php

The sales on the site are made directly though the websites of the developers so showmethesales.com won't be getting any money from this. All the money goes to the developers so this is a good way to show your support for Indie game companies.

Some of the games on sale include Hegemony Gold, Defcon, Revenge of the Titans and Voxatron. The sale runs from May 12 - May 18th so if you want to pick up some Indie PC games on sale, be sure to check out the site. 
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