2K releases a gameplay trailer for WWE 2K14

by: Nathan -
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WWE 2K14 comes out on the 29th of this month and today 2K released an official gameplay trailer for the game and It has got me pretty hyped.

We got to see almost the entire roster in action and got to see tons of the new catching finishers where you launch the opponent sky high and then deliver your finisher on the way down. The two things that excited me were finally seeing The Shield in action and part of the Primetime Players entrance. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

What had to be the highlight of the trailer for me was Kofi Kingston jumping off a ladder, delivering a double foot stomp to Zack Ryder through a table. Cue Joey Styles... OH MY GOD! 
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