2K gives us the lowdown on WWE Universe 4.0 in WWE 2K14

by: Nathan -
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WWE 2K14 is right around the corner and many people have been wondering how WWE Universe mode will be improved in this years game. 2K held an official stream today showing off some of the new additions to the game. 

Rivalries Creator - In previous years, WWE Universe mode would randomly start rivalries in game but if you simmed matches you might have missed them. This year you can now start your own rivalries between two superstars or tag teams and determine how long you want the rivalry to go. It can last from a month or it can be an epic rivalry lasting three months. This is one addition I am very excited about because now I can play the rivalries I want to play and not be stuck with Yoshi Tatsu vs. Randy Orton for months. If you do prefer the old method you can still have rivalries happen at random. 

Setting Attires - For years superstars would always make their entrance and wrestle wearing their default attires. This year you can now set what attire you want the superstar to use. It's a small addition but something that fans will really rejoice over. This now gives the players more control to make their Universe as authentic as possible.

King Of The Ring - Last year, King of The Ring tournaments were brought back but sadly they were limited to exhibition mode and could not be used in WWE Universe. This year players can now assign a "King Of The Ring" theme to their PPV and hold a one night tournament to crowd the newest King Of The Ring. I love tournaments in wrestling games so I am very excited about this. We also saw a new PPV theme called "No Mans Land" which makes the matches on your PPV take place in either a Steel Cage or Hell In A Cell.

Changing the number of matches per show - Another feature which has been requested for some time. Players now have the ability to decide how many matches will take place on their minor and major shows. If you only want three matches on Raw but five on Smackdown, you can do so. If you want seven matches on Raw or Smackdown and only three matches on PPV, you can do so as well. 

Creating an all female show - While this was somewhat possible in previous games, now you can do so without having to jump through hoops. This year you can now assign a female championship as the major belt for that show allowing you to create an all female show. 
To see the entire 45 minute presentation, be sure to check out the video below. WWE 2K14 launches on October 29th and remember if you pre-order, you get The Ultimate Warrior as a bonus. 
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