2K Games fires PR firm after threatening tweets

by: Nathaniel -
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According to Beefjack.com, 2K Games has fired its long-time US PR firm, the Redner Group, after they threatened via Twitter to revoke review privileges for those that gave Duke Nukem Forever bad reviews (that would be pretty much everyone).  Actually, it wasn't the scores so much that they were worried about, but rather, reviews that were "venom-filled" whatever that means (I told Randy the Rattlesnake that Reviews Videogames to stop biting the computer, but I guess he didn't listen).  The statements were later retracted, the tweets were deleted and replaced with apologies, but the damage was done.  

Good for 2K games.  Hopefully the idiot(s) from the Redner Group responsible for this fiasco got fired.  There are already too many conspiracy theories involving videogame reviews, so we don't need fodder for any more.    
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