2.7 million people have bought Reaper of Souls with Malthael being killed over 1.5 million times

by: John -
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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls has been bought by over 2.7 million people since it was released last week. I'm one of those 2.7 million. Blizzard has said that the end character has been killed over 1.5 million times so there's still a bunch of folks that haven't killed Malthael yet.

The recent patch and expansion has really drawn me and a bunch of my friends back into the game. They've really fixed many of the issues that were present when the game first came out and now farming for items is fun. No longer are most people reliant on the now closed auction house as I've found a ton of items I can use since i started playing again.

And something really nice with the release was there was practically no server issues. None of my friends had any problems connecting when it first launched and I didn't read of servers having problems.

Reaper of Souls has dominated my playing time as of late and Blizzard has done a wonderful job at fixing what was wrong and adding some great content to make Diablo III a really, really fun game again.

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