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250GB Xbox 360 HD gets retail release... in Japan at least

by: Jeremy -
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 I thought that they said that this hard drive drive would only be available in the uber-Elite system bundles?  Let's be realistic: who really believed that?  We all knew that it was only a matter of time, and sure enough it was... Microsoft has announced shipments of a standalone 250 GB 360 hard drive, at least in Japan.  The product was announced alongside the recent announcements of the black controller / arcade game bundle and the Wireless LAN Adapter N as going on sale on March 11.  It will be very interesting to see if and when the hard drive makes its way to other regions and what price point they attach to them.  Microsoft has been criticized for their pricing structures as it pertains to their separate Xbox 360 hard drive; historically, the markup on these items has been through the roof and set at points that most customers are unwilling to pay for the product in question.  Seriously... $100 for a 20 GB hard drive?  What will they sell the 250 GB for... $1250?