2010 CES Swag-a-thon commences tomorrow!

by: Ben Berry -
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Life is symbotic.

As a completely commercial and plastic implementation of this universal truth of life: I present the 2010 CES Swag-a-thon.

It's simple really. Vendors make "chotchkies" for you to take as mental reminders of the fact you just looked at their newest product. So, I take them. I mean, it's what they're there for. If I dont take one, it will just sit there, and eventually wind up in the hands of the 10 year old son of a middle manager who got stuck with taking home a box of the leftovers from the show.

So I'll be taking them, and sharing what I get with you.

The rules:

1. No paper. paper is useless. Unless it is money (highly doubtful), or worth money (mostly doubtful) I wont be taking paper as it wastes a natural resource that frankly I dont want to get weighed down by.

2. Only one of each thing... unless it's awesome. I'm not above visiting a booth twice to get something I really want. Especially if I know my wife will claim it if I bring home only one.

3. It all has to fit in my spare suitcase. That's correct. I take a spare suitcase specifically for the purpose of carrying home the swag I gather.

I'll take pictures of each days haul and post them.
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