1 hour of glorious Killer Instinct footage from Double Helix's first official stream

by: Nathan -
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A few days ago, Double Helix revealed how you can buy Killer Instinct when it is released this November on the Xbox One. You can either buy individual characters at $5 a piece or pay $20 for all six launch characters and you will also receive the story mode and two additional characters when they are released in early 2014. For $40 you get everything in the $20 bundle, but you also get additional character skins, accessories and the original Killer Instinct as an Xbox Live Arcade download. 

Today, Double Helix held its first official live stream showing off an hour of gameplay while discussing the game. We got to see an in depth look at the recently revealed Thunder ("Chief" has been dropped from his name) who looks to be a pretty brutal character when he gets up close. 

Here are some interesting tidbits I picked up on in the stream.
  • The announcer from the original Killer Instinct 1 and 2 is in the game and can be toggled on or off.
  • Select screen music is a remix of the select screen from Killer Instinct 2.
  • Announcer now says "FIGHT ON" at the Vs. screen. VERY nice touch. 
  • More color choices have been added for each character.
  • Alternate character skins will include new original costumes and retro classic costumes.
  • Thunder's stage looks amazing as a huge thunderstorm slowly builds during the match

An interesting thing of note was that while nothing has been set in stone, Double Helix is looking for ways that everyone can try all the characters before they buy. As of now, Jago is the only free character, but I could see them doing a free rotation like they do in MOBA games. 

We also heard some rumblings about a new character tease/reveal that may be happening soon and Double Helix says, in terms of the character that "you will not see the next character coming in terms of who they may be" and "It's something that may have been missing in Killer Instinct up to this point." I honestly have no idea where they could be going with this. I am going to guess either a female character or a guest character. 

Be sure to check out the full stream at the following link for tons of Killer Instinct footage and news from the devs. 


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