007: Blood Stone reveal trailer

by: Sean Colleli -
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Wii owners aren't the only people getting a James Bond game this year. After months of speculation, Activision and developer Bizarre Creations announced 007: Blood Stone, and here is the reveal trailer. The game is a mix of third person shooting, hand to hand combat and racing in a number of slick, signature Bond vehicles. For all intents and purposes the game looks like a spiritual successor to 2005's fantastic Everything or Nothing, the second to last 007 game published by EA. That game managed to capture the action movie absurdity of the later Brosnan films, but Daniel Craig's 007 outings have been leaner, colder and more sinister. I hope Bizarre can recreate that atmosphere in their new game.

I also hope history doesn't repeat itself; Everything or Nothing was Brosnan's last appearance as 007, and due to difficulties producing another movie at the time, the game is regarded by many fans as Brosnan's last Bond movie. The actors all expressed that they enjoyed working on the project because a movie wasn't being made that year, and they're saying the same thing about this year's Bond games. With MGM putting the latest Bond film on ice indefinitely, I hope Blood Stone doesn't end up as Daniel Craig's final performance as the super spy.

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