(Not) The Marvel MMO you were waiting for...

by: Jeremy -
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Gazillion Entertainment has announced the MMO to end all MMO’s that we have all been waiting for, based on the Marvel Comics world... no, not really. A lot of gamers were a little surprised last week when the long rumored Marvel Comics MMO finally came to life but it is coming in the form of Marvel Super Hero Squad Online; yeah, those cutesy little variations of your favorite Marvel characters.

The game allows players to live alongside other heroes and villains within Marvel’s Super Hero City. Players will battle it out and complete tasks and quests that will give you the resources necessary to customize your own personal super hero headquarters. The game, obviously, is going to be more family friendly than many had hoped and will focus solely on the PC-friendly universe reflected in the Super Squad series.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online reflects Gazillion’s first title under their 10 agreement with Marvel. Both Marvel and Gazillion are keeping the specific details quiet on the title, but the first art released hyping the game gives hope that we will see at least the following characters represented in the game: Captain America, Human Torch, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Spiderman, Storm, Thor, War Machine, and Wolverine

I know that it isn’t exactly what most gamers / fans were looking for, but it looks pretty cool. Gametrailers debuted the first trailer for the game over the weekend which you can check out below:

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