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Razer Taipan

Razer Taipan

Written by Travis Huinker on 6/29/2012 for PC  
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It won't be a surprise to any gamer that the selection of gaming mice available is quite staggering, especially considering the stark contrast between some hardware that boasts twenty or more buttons while others opt for the minimalist design. Few gaming mice have been able to fall into the category between the polar opposites that include useful features in a simplistic form. The Razer Taipan defies those odds to deliver to a mouse that's perfectly suited for both hectic gaming sessions and menial tasks of everyday computing.

The Razer Taipan lives up to the description of an ambidextrous gaming mouse that allows any user to experience its great form factor. Neither too small or too large accurately describe the size of the mouse's exterior that still feels great after hours of gaming. The best features of the mouse's exteriors are the matte finish and rubberized thumb grips that prevent finger slips and offer resistance to finger prints. In addition, the mouse wheel includes a rubberized grip with individual notches for precise scrolling. The mouse wheel also acts as a middle button for use in games and other applications. Two buttons are placed in the thumb section on each side of the mouse for further ambidextrous support. Everything from the mouse's weight to balance of materials simply feel right when utilizing the mouse in a multiplayer gaming sessions or surfing web pages.

The mouse touts an impressive 8200dpi 4G dual sensor system that precisely tracks each and every movement of the hand no matter the surface used, thanks to included laser and optical sensors. Two buttons are located under the scroll wheel that allows for instant adjustment of the mouse's sensitivity. These buttons function properly without requiring any secondary drivers in Windows 7. The ability to instantly adjust sensitivity was especially helpful in games when faster or slower adjustments to mouse movement were required. With the mouse's built-in sensitivity selection, every gamer should be able to find a setting that suits their individual play style. No matter if the sensitivity was set from its slowest to fastest setting, the cursor's movement across the screen was smooth without any occurrences of random jitter.

Along with the mouse's impressive performance, the Razer Taipan will no doubt catch the eye of jealous onlookers with its smooth and minimalist exterior. The mouse's appearance maintains a sleek  and minimalist design on every surface with the subtle inclusions of the mouse wheel and Razer logo lighted in an alien green. The balance between its sleek curves and eye-catching design strike an ideal balance that ensures it will fit into place on any gamer's desktop environment. Each aspect of the mouse has been designed with gamers in mind from its knitted cord to matte finish. If the stealth bomber was condensed into a mouse, the Razer Taipan would embody that result.

The Taipan supports use of Razer Synapse 2.0 that enables owners to save their personalized mouse settings to the cloud, along with downloading new driver and firmware updates. With Synapse 2.0, the personalized mouse settings can be downloaded to multiple computers at home or if attending game tournaments. The software is optional for using the mouse as Windows 7 was able to detect all of the device's features without further driver downloads.

The selection of mice for gaming is extensive with many models that favor form over function, and even fewer that can find a perfect balance of both elements. The Razer Taipan exceeds in both form and function as a product that should have gamers marking their calendars for its release in July with a suggested retail price of $70.
The Razer Taipan strikes a perfect balance between form and function with a sleek exterior design and impressive internal features. From its ambidextrous support to the non-slip matte finish, the Taipan is in a class of its own for gaming mice. Gamers on the verge of purchasing a replacement or in the market for something new need not look any further than the masterpiece of craftsmanship that is the Razer Taipan.

Rating: 9.8 Perfect

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

Razer Taipan Razer Taipan Razer Taipan Razer Taipan Razer Taipan

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