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Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse

Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse

Written by Sean Cahill on 7/8/2011 for PC  
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We have reached the last product of the three-pack brought to us by the people over at Razer, the Spectre gaming mouse.  The mouse is generally considered to be the most important part of a PC gamer's equipment.  After all, what good is having a great headset and keyboard if your mouse is slow and doesn't react as fast as possible?

The Spectre sticks to the overall look of its counterparts with the sleek, gunmetal look and neon-blue lighting.  Of course, the colors will be customizable for Starcraft II fans based upon their APM that I talked about in the the keyboard review.  The mouse itself is a five button layout, with your standard left and right buttons, the scroll wheel on top that can also be clicked, and then a two button design on the side for quick execution of commands.

The design of the mouse is quite ergonomic.  Having used a Logitech mouse before getting my hands on this, it took just a short period of time to adjust to the size of the mouse itself, considering that most Logitech designs include a huge arch to it, while Razer has opted to keep it sleek and to fit to the natural curve of your hand and fingers.  It is a wired mouse, using a braided USB cable for durability.  The length of the cable is approximately seven feet long, giving plenty of range for you to reach your PC tower.

The mouse is extremely lightweight, allowing for quick movement whether you are using it on a pad or just on your desk, both of which have extremely accurate response times.  I found that there was little need for a mouse pad (so long as you have a clean desk) as the laser sensor on the mouse itself works very well, boasting a 5600 DPI rating.

For everyday use, the mouse works just fine for web-browsing and general tasks.  The side buttons act as a forward and backward through web pages, though some will have a tough time not hitting these buttons as the placement doesn't allow much room for your thumb if you grip your mouse tightly.  While I do prefer wireless mice, for the most part, I have found that the Spectre certainly functions just fine as a mouse you can use with anything regarding your daily tasks on your system.  Plus, there would be nothing worse in the middle of a gaming session than to run out of battery power, and you have to believe that Razer went with the wired design for this very reason.

A negative for me, though, is the size of the mouse.  It's quite small, so those who have larger hands may find the adjustment period to it a bit longer than normal.  Comparing it to the size of my previous mouse, it is certainly a bit smaller.  The length of the Spectre is listed at 100mm and just 66mm wide, which is one of the smallest I've come across, especially one that is designed for gaming specifically.
Whether you are in need of a mouse for every day use or need that edge for Starcraft II or other games on your PC, the Spectre lives up to the tough demands of gamers everywhere. It's durable, lightweight, and comfortable to use. In a time in which we see big, bulky mice and controllers with multiple buttons, it's nice to see a company like Razer create a mouse that is simplistic in design, yet brings plenty to the table in versatility.

Rating: 9 Excellent

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse

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