ROCCAT Kone[+]

ROCCAT Kone[+]

Written by Sean Cahill on 6/7/2012 for PC  
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Any PC gamer, especially FPS players, will tell you that the mouse is the most key component in their peripherals.  Gamers need a mouse that is not only going to have a great response with buttons, but it must have a great laser that sports the ability to customize the DPI, and it has to feel good in the hand.  ROCCAT has made sure that all of these aspects are included in their high performance gaming mouse, the Kone[+].

The design of the Kone[+] isn't anything out of the ordinary when it comes to your typical gaming mouse.  Black gloss edges with a solid dark gray coloring and the familiar ROCCAT logo gives the primary design a simple and sleek look.  The two trails of LED lights that go down the sides are fully customizable in the software interface.  The feel of the mouse itself is very comfortable, though it may seem a little larger than standard mice that can be purchased.  It doesn't take long to adjust to the size, no matter what mouse you are switching from.  The mouse connects with a two meter USB cable and has adjustable weight of up to 20 grams heavier than the standard weight.

The button layout offers exactly what you expect from a high-end gaming mouse.  The standard left and right clicks are quick response, along with the directional wheel that scrolls up and down as well as clicking left and right, giving you extra features to add on for in-game or standard use.  In the middle of the mouse are quick access adjustments for the DPI sensor.  A press of the button up or down will change the setting and also give you a voice alert that gives the exact DPI setting that the mouse has been changed to.  There is no need to go to the driver settings on this one, making a quick change in settings that much easier.  On the left side of the mouse are the final two buttons that are added command buttons.  All of these buttons can be changed in the driver settings.  The true beauty of the Kone[+], however, comes in the Easy-Shift function, essentially doubling the amount of functions the mouse can do.

ROCCAT's control panel for the Kone[+] mimics the style that comes with the Isku keyboard, offering advance control of the DPI settings, scroll wheel speed, and many more functions.  As with the Isku, the onboard memory offers the storage of five profiles, allowing you to set up your mouse for individual games or characters, depending on your choice of game.  Button assignments are easy to do on the fly in the manager as well, though it would be best to adjust these without being in your game or, at the very least, in a situation that is high action, such as an FPS in mid-game.  The LEDS on the mouse can be changed to not only just have solid color, but can also be a flow of color from top to bottom.

The Kone[+] has officially become available on Amazon and Newegg for the price of $79.99, which is a very fair and reasonable retail price for a strong gaming mouse, considering that most multiple-function mice such as this can retail for as much as $129.99.
The Kone[+] might be the strongest accessory to come out of ROCCAT Studios. Everything and anything can be customized and the comfort in a gamer's hand means for hours of gameplay with no problem. In a world where it's dog eat dog for the best accessories, ROCCAT's Kone[+] sits on the porch as one of the big dogs.

Rating: 9.5 Exquisite

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

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