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Pet Vet 3D

Written by Erika Gamble on 11/1/2006 for PC  
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Cute little bunnies. Snuggly kitties. Dogs and cats and horses. Viva Media's Pet Vet 3D Animal Hospital has 'em all, and they all need your help.

Do you want to be a veterinarian? And do you want to control your own veterinary empire? If so, this game is calling for you. In Pet Vet 3D, you are the owner and chief veterinarian of a pet clinic that treats all kinds of big and small animals. As the owner of the clinic, you are responsible for making decisions about how to spend your money and become more successful. You can choose to add additional services to attract more customers, and as you treat animals you will get a better reputation which will also bring more patients to your clinic.

One of the nice benefits of the game is the number of things you can learn about animals from playing it (rejoice parents!). You learn facts about cats, dogs, bunnies, ponies, horses, and pigs, and the best part is that the learning is fun. You also learn about money and how to handle it. You soon learn to use the money for the ANIMALS first, but not until AFTER you waste all the money on making your house nice! Don't ask me how I know that! After learning that lesson you will invest what it takes to improve the quality of care that the animals are given and only spend what's leftover on yourself.

At the start of the game, you only have $480.00 to work with but fortunately there don't seem to be huge student loads looming over your head. As you successfully treat more and more animals, you will work your way up the charts to being a popular hospital, which leads to even more growth and opportunity. As your bank account and spending power grow, you can improve your clinic by purchasing new instruments, books, animal chow, boarding pens, and other enhancements to differentiate your clinic from the competition. You can even hire help to come in and perform the less romantic chores associated with boarding animals like cleaning out the cages and doing the daily feedings.

You can track your financial performance using various charts and reports.
You also track the health status of all of your four-legged patients. This stuff can be pretty complicated, and there IS a tutorial, but I didn't need to use it. The learning curve is pretty shallow if you're familiar with similar games..

Of course, you didn't become a veterinarian in order to spend your days looking at charts and reports any more than your goal was to spend your day cleaning up cages. You really wanted to spend your time helping sick animals, or offering advice to their owners on how to take care of them and keep them healthy. You won't need years and years of study to know how to help the animals, though. The game helps you diagnose and treat sick animals by using the instruments in the examination room, which are pretty good at telling what is wrong with an animal. You then select a treatment from a menu. You also have access to a library of books that will tell you many things about the animals you are treating.

One of the annoying things about the game was the movement of the veterinarian character. She doesn't run in a straight line, she runs around like a maniac until she reaches her destination. Its rather frustrating because it makes the music jump around and takes forever for her to get where you want her to be. If that could be fixed, the whole game would run smoother and would be a tad more easy and fun.

This game is mostly for young animal lovers ages 8-11, and while it is educational, it is also fun.
This game is appropriate for young animal lovers ages 8-11, and while it is educational, it makes up for that by also being fun. There are a few annoyances, but overall it is a good value.

Rating: 7.8 Above Average

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Pet Vet 3D Pet Vet 3D Pet Vet 3D Pet Vet 3D Pet Vet 3D

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