PSP Week: Day 1

PSP Week: Day 1

Written by Charles Husemann on 3/22/2005 for
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With the Nintendo DS already on store shelves it’s Sony’s turn to show off their stuff with the launch of the Sony PSP. We already know the specs on the dead sexy device and a lot of gamers all around the world have already fallen in love with the sleek, black sexy device (present company included). Sony will also have something that the DS lacked, a huge selection of games for gamers to play on launch day. From Monday until Thursday (when the system hits stores) we’ll be covering all of the games by developer. Since today is the first day of our coverage we’re going to cover the first party titles that Sony will be releasing this week.

Ape Escape

ATV Offroad Fury Blazin' Trails

Gretzky NHL




Wipeout Pure

World Tour Soccer PSP

Be sure to come back tomorrow for our look at the pair of offerings from Activision.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

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