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Mad Dotz

Written by Charles Husemann on 3/14/2005 for PC  
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Most PC gamers have been there. After that millionth frag or nine hundredth Zerg rush, the feet on your mouse start to fade and your mouse starts to develop that not so smooth scrolling feeling. Your cross hairs take a little longer to get on target and that can mean virtual life or death when you are caught in an intense gunfight. When the feet on my Logitech MX 510 faded and started to catch the mouse pad, slowing me down and causing many missed frags and untold grief from a certain hardware editor of this site.
I could solve the problem in one of two ways, get a new mouse (which is kind of expensive and a bit on the extreme side) or get a new set of mouse feet. Since I’m a bit of a cheap bastard, I took the latter option.

This is where the Mad Dotz come into the picture. Mad Dotz from X-trac pads are another part of their excellent series of gaming products (I’m still using the Xtrac Pro HS Mouse pad). The Mad Dotz are little circular Teflon disks that come on a piece of clear backing material. Installing the Mad Dotz is pretty simple. You simply peel them off the backing and cover the mouse feet with them. It’s easy and the only hard part is centering the Dotz on your feet (something that I wasn’t overly successful with).

After installing the Mad Dotz, I tested them by playing several hours of CounterStrike and Domination (the sacrifices I make for our readers). The first thing I noticed was the hitching and snagging I had before was gone and the mouse felt like the day I had bought it.

Mad Dotz are another solid product from the folks at X-Trac Pads. Dotz are sold in quantities of 12 and 36 so you’ll have to count the number of feet on your mouse and work out a common denominator (it’s the whole hot dog and bun thing). With the 12 pack running between $4-5 and the 36 pack running around $12 online, it’s certainly a cost effective alternative to getting a new mouse.
A solid solution to an age old problem and a good deal for the money as well.

Rating: 8.3 Good

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

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