Interview with Joe Lieberman

Interview with Joe Lieberman

Written by The GN Staff on 4/1/2004 for
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GamingNexus was able to secure an interview with former Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman. Senator Lieberman hasn’t exactly been an overwhelming supporter of the gaming industry, so we were a little surprised when he answered our request for an interview.

GamingNexusAfter taking yourself out of the 2004 presidential race, what are you up to these days?

Lieberman I’ve been relaxing quite a bit, the race does take a bit out of you. I’m also finally getting a chance to work my way through the pile of video games sitting next to my computer. You don’t know how many of these freebies get sent to my office when you’re a high profile public figure. It’s like every game company wants your opinion. One of the perks of running for the presidential candidate I guess.

GamingNexusReally? We didn’t really see you as much of a gamer.

Lieberman I’ve been a gamer since way back, I’m an OG. In fact you can trace me to my Atari days when I used to spend hours on Custer’s Revenge on the 2600. Man, the good ole days.


Lieberman Original Gamer. I was surrounded by 2600 cartridges, Vectrex overlays, and 5 ¼ floppies for my Commodore 64.

GamingNexus That’s what we thought but wanted to make sure. What games are you playing now?

Lieberman I’ve always been into FPS games ever since Wolfenstein3D came out. Right now I’m really grooving on Far Cry. Have you seen the graphics in that game? I’m also playing a lot of UT2K4, Assault mode is the SHIZNIT.

GamingNexus Cool, can you tell us what your screen name is so people will recognize you online?

Lieberman I usually plays as JoM3ntum. That’s what you’ll see and a rocket when you meet me in the arena, ya digg?
GamingNexus What other games are you playing right now?

LiebermanTo tell you the truth I’m a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto:Vice City. There’s nothing like coming home and relaxing while trying to take over a crime-ridden, drug infested city. It’s a lot like running for president (except for the whole “hookers giving you strength thing”, that was strictly Clinton era)…I think Karl Rowe’s White house nickname is Tommy V but that might just be a rumor.

GamingNexus I guess that’s a bit stunning, what about RPG’s or MMORPG’s?

Lieberman Not really my type of game but I’ve heard Dennis Kusinich is a big Everquest fan. Howard Dean’s a big Final Fantasy Online addict. He’ll sit there with his wizard character by a pond and fish all day. I try to tell him to get out and do it for real but he just ignores me. Every once in a while, you’ll hear that “YEAAAAA” scream coming from him when he kills a monster. It’s pretty freaky.

GamingNexus That makes sense, the Kusinich does kind of look like an elf sometimes.

Lieberman Now that you mention it he kind of does. His entire economic package was going to a modified version of the Everquest barter system.

GamingNexus Are any of the other candidates gamers?

Lieberman Kerry is kind of a big gamer, but it’s mostly stuff like SSX3 and the extreme sports games. He plays a bit of EA hockey too. Bush is also a big gamer but it’s mostly stuff like Deer Hunter and Pong. After his campaign in Iraq, he’s been trying his hand at Conflict: Desert Storm. He gets all giddy when he takes down Saddam again.

If you haven’t figured it out by now this is our lame attempt at an April Fools joke. We hope that the people in Senator Lieberman’s camp have a sense of humor.

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