Hooked Up - Chargepod

Hooked Up - Chargepod

Written by Dan Keener on 11/27/2009 for DS   iPod   PSP  
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Welcome to Hooked Up, the Gaming Nexus series that puts the spotlight on gaming related products that impact the Video Game experience. This week we take a look at Callpod’s Chargepod power solution.

Product Quic Reference
Company:       Callpod
Product:          Chargepod Bundle Pack
Price:               $79.99 (MSRP)
Website:         http://www.callpod.com

What is it?
The Chargepod is an innovative charging solution that allows you to charge up to six separate devices from a central hub at a single time. It boasts over 50 adapters (available for approximately $9.95 each) in addition to the six that come in the package.

The folks over at Callpod sent us a complimentary Chargepod Bundle Pack (as well as four adapters) to take a look at and I was not disappointed based on the potential this product brings to the table. After cracking open the Chargepod Bundle Pack, I found that not only did it include the Chargepod Hub, but six of the most common adapters, a car-plug, AC Adapter and a bag to store it all in.

Hooking up the Chargepod isn’t rocket science, and it easily accommodated all my gear including a Sony PSP, HTC Mogul, Nintendo DS Light, iPod Touch and an iPod Nano. I was going to throw another phone on there, but it seemed overkill at that point. Once the proper adapter is chosen (it comes with a standard USB adapter, which covers many products not from Apple), you simply plug it into your device, the other end into the Chargepod, and then the Chargepod hub into the wall or cigarette lighter in your vehicle. Each connection shows a blue light during charging, so you will know what the status is.

The one thing that I had a bit of a concern about was the construction of the Chargepod hub itself. While mini-usb ports seem fine, the hub is made of sturdy plastic that possibly could break under duress or abuse. I know most people will treat their product nicely, but sometime you can’t help that something falls on your bag or you drop things. In any case, I don’t believe it is a huge issue, but something that should be mentioned.

-Excellent charging solution
-Bundle is a great value
-Charges quickly and neatly
-Easy to hook up and use

-A bit pricey for adapters
-The Chargepod Hub feels a bit cheap
-The Bag is a touch to small for all the gear
Gaming Impact
Frankly, the ability to keep all of my handheld devices (iPod Touch, PSP and Nintendo DS, not to mention my phone) charged up from a single outlet is a gamers’ dream. What’s not to love about that? I was able to plug in my PSP, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS and my Mogul to a single power source overnight and have them all ready to roll the next morning. When you throw in the ability to use the car charger or AC power plug, you should never be without juice for any of your device

The Skinny
The folks over at Callpod have done a great job coming up with an innovative solution to the problem of how to charge all your gear at once. The Chargepod is especially useful for those that are traveling or have limited USB ports on their computers. While the overall price for the Chargepod Value Pack ($39.99), Bundle ($79.99) and Adapters ($9.95 each) seems a bit high for the average consumer, this is something you will buy once and probably use for a long time. My only concern is the durability of the Chargepod hub, as the plastic construction may be susceptible to damage if abused. Otherwise, this is a great product and a must-have for anyone that is one the go with multiple gadgets or limited USB ports.

Where to Find/Buy
Various incarnations of the Callpod Chargepod can be purchased directly from Callpod, at Amazon, Buy.com and Wal-Mart for anywhere from $21.00 - $79.99.

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