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Gamer Grips

Written by Jennifer Yan on 3/7/2005 for Xbox  
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Do you need some more grip on your controller? Feel like you can't hold on to it enough? Xtrac, maker of some large mouse pads, has a product that sticks to your controller to try and give you that extra soft touch.

Gamer Grips come on a laminated sheet and features various stick ons in different shapes and sizes. The soft foamy material are peeled off and stuck onto your favorite controller in any configuration you want. There aren't any instructions as it's pretty much left up to your own preference as to how you want to use them. As you can see from the pics, there are some shapes that are made for buttons, analog sticks, and controller handles. Just stick them where you feel like and if it doesn't feel right, remove them and move them to some place else.

The concept is pretty simple and the product works for the most part.On the Xbox controller I tried it out on, some of the stick ons gave me a more comfortable grip while others just felt awkward. The ones on the analog stick's top didn't stay on well during usage though. But on parts that are just gripped and don't move, the product works as advertised. You really can use this product on anything you want a better grip on such as a mouse.

The Gamer Grips are not bad and I'm sure there are some people that will find use for them. One some surfaces it works well and others just don't do as good. If you want a little softer feel and to help you grip the controller more, these little puppies might just be what you are looking for. The various shapes give you a nice variety of places to stick them on.
It can help make your controller feel more comfortable, as long as you have a good configuration of these things on your controlller.

Rating: 7.2 Average

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