Cyborg R.A.T. M Gaming Mouse

Cyborg R.A.T. M Gaming Mouse

Written by Sean Cahill on 7/3/2013 for PC  
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The world of PC gaming has changed in the last several years.  There was a time that only custom built desktop PCs were considered to be the only machine capable of playing the biggest and best titles on a computer.  Today, with companies such as CyberpowerPC and iBuyPower designing custom machines for PC gamers who don't want to go through the trouble of building their own systems, both custom desktops and laptops are the rage in the PC gaming world.  Of course, gaming laptops aren't just being used for gaming, but for multimedia purposes as well.  With these systems, the same types of peripherals and accessories are required to make sure that a gamer gets the best out of their system.  MadCatz has taken notice of this and has continued to churn out reliable mice of all types with specific functions in mind for those who play specific genres of games. Taking this one step further, MadCatz has taken their R.A.T. line of mice and designed one specifically for on-the-go laptop users in the form of the R.A.T. M Wireless Mouse.

As with all of our accessory reviews here, we will take a good look at the specifications boasted by the R.A.T. M
DPI Up to 6400dpi (in 25dpi steps)
Acceleration 50G
Polling Rate 120 Hz
Tracking Speed Up to 6 m/sec
Programmable Buttons 10 (With 5D button)
Connectivity USB Nano Dongle
Wireless Range Up to 33ft / 10m
Power (2) AAA Batteries
Compatibility Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices

There are really three primary specs to look at in this list:  DPI, Buttons, and Connectivity.  The 6400 dpi is a very good range of sensitivity for any gaming mouse.  My default DPI setting for my everyday computer usage is usually somewhere between 1600-2000 dpi, and with gaming, depending on the type of game I am playing, I may go as high as 4000 dpi for a shooter that requires quick motions.  However, there are those out there that want the highest setting possible, and 6400 dpi is going to provide what most anyone needs out of their mouse for any type of game.

The mouse itself having ten programmable buttons in such a small package is impressive.  The Cyborg series of mice has been great for the customization, and the R.A.T. M continues this.  Buttons are placed very strategically for quick access, such as the extra buttons that the thumb has access too and the five-directional button that can be a little too sensitive sometimes, but with all of these buttons being programmable, the issue is easily fixed by making certain buttons dummy commands as well.  I really only found the need to do this with the directional button simply because my hand is big and I tend to over compensate with commands with buttons such as this.

Lastly, the connectivity is great.  While those who are hardcore gamers want to make sure they have perfect connectivity, laptop users almost have to have a good wireless mouse not just for ease of use, but for portability.  The dongle of the mouse is incredibly small and plugs into any USB port for quick connection.  Range is over 30 feet, but we will state the obvious and say that if you are using a mouse at 30 feet away, you might need to rethink your configuration.

I previously mentioned that the mouse is fairly small, which is both good and bad.  For people like myself who have larger hands, the R.A.T. M can cause some issues in long periods of usage.  The back end of the mouse does extend out to help with this issue, but it can only accommodate those with slightly larger than normal hands.  I found myself having to take some breaks from time to time because the mouse didn't fit well with my hand.  The image that I have included in this article as a comparison between the size of the mouse and my hand should show the disparity.  However, the cramping did not kick in for at least an hour or two, so that is saying something about the overall design of the mouse.  Weight isn't an issue either, as it is exceptionally light, yet does not feel cheap in the hand at all.  A nice addition to the R.A.T. M is the inclusion of GameSmart Technology, which provide for near-universal compatibility for PCs and Macs, making driver downloads no issue at all and guaranteeing a seamless transition between computers if using the R.A.T. M on multiple devices.


Overall Thoughts 
The Cyborg series of mice has thrown just about every different design and feature that anyone can truly handle.  While I am not much of a laptop gamer, I found a great deal of value and usage out of the R.A.T. M in my time with it.  The smaller size of the mouse isn't very ideal for someone with very large hands, but the cramping issue was fairly minimal and, let's face it, everyone should take a break here and there.  The connectivity was never an issue with loss of signal and provided accurate response to my needs.  The mouse is available in four colors (Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gloss Red, and White) to cater to everyone's liking, with my personal opinion being that the matte black look is the best.  Overall, I like this mouse for what it offers and feel that Mad Catz has a winner on their hands with the R.A.T. M.
Small, portable, and accurate, the R.A.T. M Wireless Mouse showed no break down in connectivity and provides everything that the gamer on the go needs. While a little small, it doesn't take away from the solid performance that it offers.

Rating: 9 Excellent

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

Cyborg R.A.T. M Gaming Mouse Cyborg R.A.T. M Gaming Mouse Cyborg R.A.T. M Gaming Mouse Cyborg R.A.T. M Gaming Mouse

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