Black Friday 2008

Black Friday 2008

Written by Dan Keener on 11/25/2008 for
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Welcome back to year two of the annual Gaming Nexus Black Friday Round-up. This year we are dealing with the worst economic situation we have seen in almost 20 years as a result, gamers are looking for the best deals on the best gear and the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) can provide you with everything you need. The one caveat, you have to brave the long lines and early hours in order to get the best stuff. That’s why we are providing you with a quick synopsis of the best Video game Deals from the largest retailers so you can get a head start on making your plans.

The basis for this article comes from the good folks over at, as their hard work is what makes this article possible. Despite their tireless work, threats of lawsuits, last-minute switches and some cloak and dagger stuff by the retailers can lead to some differences vs what is posted. Regardless, here are the best deals on Video Games, Video Game Hardware and Video Game Accessories from the top electronic retailers such as Sears, Gamestop, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target and Toys R Us.

The biggest “deals” I see involves older Guitar Hero games such as Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Aerosmith and GH II. Some are early bird deals, some are all-day deals. The best can be found at WalMart, where for $50 you can get multiple Guitar Hero discs.

Wii Deals:

The best deals for the Nintendo Wii software are at Best Buy, where they have four games for $9.99 as doorbusters.

Xbox 360 Deals
The single best Xbox 360 hardware deals at Target, where they are offering the Xbox 360 60GB Pro System Bundle w/ LEGO Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda along with a FREE $60 Gift Card.

Playstation 3 Deals:
The best Playstation 3 deal can be found at Best Buy, where for the normal $399 price you get the 80 GB bundle, Casino Royale on BluRay and Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction.

Circuit City Deals:
Circuit City has some decent deals on software, but I would steer clear of the company for any hardware deals or anything that promises a gift card. Unfortunately, despite their recent attempts to shore up the company, they could easily close their doors at any give minute, especially if the Holiday sales are weaker than expected. This could leave you out in the cold with no way to return your products or use the gift cards you received.

Check out all the deals below from the major retailers broken down by Software, Hardware and Accessories.

Video Game Software Restriction Platform  Price  Retailer
AC/DC Fan Pack   ALL  $  39.88 WalMart
Activision Guitar Hero III Wireless Bundle EB 360, PS3  $  54.99 Circuit City
All Star Cheer Squad Game   Wii   $  29.99 Sears
Animal Crossing   Wii   $  49.99 Sears
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader Game   Wii   $  19.99 Sears
Assorted Nintendo DS Games   DS  $    9.99 Toys R Us
Assorted Nintendo Wii Games   Wii   $  14.99 Toys R Us
Assorted PlayStation 2 Video Games   PS2  $    9.99 Best Buy
Assorted PlayStation 2 Video Games   PS2  $  14.99 Best Buy
Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway   360, PS3  $  17.99 Toys R Us
Bully EB PS2  $  10.00 WalMart
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on All Used Games and Accessories   ALL   Gamestop
Call Of Duty: World At War   360  $  59.99 Sears
Disney Royal Adventure   GBA  $    4.99 Circuit City
Disney Video Game Assortment   DS, PS2  $  10.00 WalMart
Disney's The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure   GBA  $    4.99 Circuit City
EA 2009 games (Nascar, NCAA, NFL, NBA, Etc EB 360, PS3  $  30.00 WalMart
Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars   PC  $    4.99 Circuit City
Fable 2   360  $  59.99 Sears
Fallout 3   PS3  $  59.99 Sears
Far Cry 2 - Windows   PC  $  37.99 Best Buy
FREE New PS2 Game $19.99 or LESS w/ Purchase of PS2 System   PS2  Free  Gamestop
Gears Of War 2   360  $  59.99 Sears
Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock Bundle   360, PS3, Wii  $  49.99 Toys R Us
Guitar Hero 3-Disc Set for PS2 with Guitar Hero I, Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero 80s EB PS2  $  50.00 WalMart
Guitar Hero Decades Bundle Game   DS  $  49.99 Sears
Guitar Hero Dual Pack for Wii with Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock EB Wii   $  50.00 WalMart
Guitar Hero Dual Pack for Xbox 360 with Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Guitar Hero II EB 360  $  50.00 WalMart
Guitar Hero III Bundle (DB!) EB 360, PS3, Wii  $  54.99 Sears
Guitar Hero III Bundle with Gibson Les Paul Guitar Controller   360, PS3, Wii  $  79.99 Best Buy
Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Bundle   360, PS3, Wii  $  99.99 Sears
Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Bundle for Wii   Wii   $  59.99 Target
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - Nintendo Wii    Wii   $  24.99 Best Buy
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Bundle for Nintendo Wii - 2 Wireless Guitars   Wii   $  99.99 Target
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Special Edition Wireless Bundle EB 360, Wii  $  59.99 Circuit City
Hot Wheels: All Out   GBA  $    4.99 Circuit City
Imagine Figure Skater Game   DS  $    9.99 Sears
Imagine Master Chef Game   DS  $    9.99 Sears
Kirby Super Star Ultra Game   DS  $  29.99 Sears
Little Big Planet   PS3  $  59.99 Sears
Madden NFL 09 EB 360, PS3  $  30.00 WalMart
Mario Party DS Game   DS  $  29.99 Sears
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition EB PSP  $  10.00 WalMart
Mortal Kombat   PS3  $  59.99 Sears
Napoleon Dynamite   DS  $    4.99 Circuit City
New Super Mario Bros Game   DS  $  34.99 Sears
Petz Hamsterz 2 Game   DS  $    9.99 Sears
Pokemon Ranger Game   DS  $  29.99 Sears
PSP UMD Movies EB PSP  $    3.99 Gamestop
Rainbox Six Vegas 2 (requires purchase) EB 360  Free  Gamestop
Rayman 3 for Wii with Free Rayman Raving Rabbids Game   Wii   $  49.99 Toys R Us
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2   Wii   $  49.99 Sears
Resistance 2   PS3  $  59.99 Sears
Risk/Battleship/Clue Triple Pack   GBA  $    4.99 Circuit City
Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2 (requires purchase) EB 360  $    0.99 Gamestop
Select PC Video Games   PC  $    9.99 Best Buy
Select PlayStation 3 Video Games   PS3  $  19.99 Best Buy
Soul Calibur IV - Xbox 360   360  $  37.99 Best Buy
Spongebob Squarepants Nicktoons Globs Of Doom Game   Wii   $  29.99 Sears
The Sims 2: Deluxe Edition   PC  $    4.99 Circuit City
The Sims Carnival Bumper Blast   PC  $    4.99 Circuit City
The Sims Carnival SnapCity   PC  $    4.99 Circuit City
Tom Clancy's EndWar - Xbox 360    360  $  37.99 Best Buy
Value Video Games (DB) EB ALL  20% Off  Sears
Various DS, XBox 36, Wii, PS2 and PSP Games   ALL  $    9.99 Circuit City
Wii - AMF Bowling Pinbusters EB Wii   $    9.99 Best Buy
Wii - Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey EB Wii   $    9.99 Best Buy
Wii - Game Party  EB Wii   $    9.99 Best Buy
Wii - Wonder World Amusement Park EB Wii   $    9.99 Best Buy
Wii Music   Wii   $  49.99 Sears
WWE 2009   360  $  59.99 Sears

Video Game Hardware Restriction Platform  Price  Retailer
Nintendo DS Special Edition Ice Blue w/ Brain Age (DB!) EB DS  $149.99 Sears
Nintendo DS Special Edition Mario Red w/ Super Mario Brothers  (DB!) EB DS  $149.99 Sears
Nintendo DS Spring Princess Peach Value Pack   DS  $159.97 Toy R Us
Nintendo DS Star Wars System Value Pack   DS  $159.97 Toy R Us
Nintendo DS System   DS  $129.99 Sears
PlayStation 3 80GB Console   PS3  $399.99 Sears
PlayStation 3 Package with FREE Blu-Ray and Game EB PS3  $399.00 Best Buy
Sony PSP - Ratchet & Clark Bundle w/ $20 Free GiftCard    PSP  $199.00 Target
XBox 360 60GB Pro System Bundle w/ LEGO Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda - Free $60 Gift Card   360  $299.00 Target
Xbox 360 Arcade Console w/ Guitar Hero III and Wireless Guitar EB 360  $199.00 WalMart
XBox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle w/ FREE Wireless Controller and Refurbished 20GB Hard Drive   360  $199.00 Circuit City
XBox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle - 120GB, LEGO Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda EB 360  $399.00 Gamestop
Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Holiday Bundle   360  $299.99 Sears
Xbox 360 Pro Console w/ NBA2K9 & Tony Hawk's Proving Ground   360  $299.00 Best Buy
XBox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle - 60GB, LEGO Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda EB 360  $299.00 Gamestop
Xbox 360 Pro Holiday Bundle w/ 60GB Hard Drive, 2 FREE Games and $30 Gift Card   360  $299.00 Circuit City

Video Game Accessory Restriction Platform  Price  Retailer
1GB PSP Memory   PSP  $  20.00 Target
Blu-ray/DVD Remote   PS3  $  24.99 Sears
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on All Used Games and Accessories   ALL   Gamestop
Buy Any Xbox 360 System Get One Xbox 360 Wireless Controller FREE   360  Free  Sears
Car Adapter   DS  $    9.99 Sears
Component Cable   PS3  $  19.99 Sears
DS Starter Kit   DS  $  14.99 Target
Dualshock 3 Controller   PS3  $  54.99 Sears
Lumisource Stingray Boom Chair    ALL  $  39.99 Circuit City
Nerf Sports Pack for Nintendo Wii    Wii  $  30.00 Target
Nexxtech Cooling Fan for Wii    Wii  $    6.99 Circuit City
Nintendo DS Case   DS  $  11.00 Target
Nintendo Wii Soft Sports Kit   Wii  $    9.99 Toys R Us
Nintendo Wii Twin Wheel Set   Wii  $    9.99 Toys R Us
Pen Stylus w/ protector   DS  $    9.99 Sears
Playstation 2 Guitar Game Controllers   PS2  $  19.99 Toys R Us
Playstation 3 Wireless Controller   PS3  $  19.99 Toys R Us
Portable Video Game Premier Pack for Nintendo DS   DS  $  14.99 Toys R Us
Portable Video Game Premier Pack for Sony PSP   PSP  $  14.99 Toys R Us
PS3 Starter Kit   PS3  $  29.99 Target
PSP Starter Kit   PSP  $  14.99 Target
SanDisk 4GB PSP Memory Stick Pro Duo EB PSP  $  24.99 Gamestop
Sony Dual Shock PS3 Controller    PS3  $  49.00 Target
System Glove   DS  $    9.99 Sears
Traveler Case   DS  $    9.99 Sears
Verge Dance Pad   Wii  $  12.99 Circuit City
Verge Laser Avenger   Wii  $  12.99 Circuit City
Verge Racing Wheel   Wii  $    6.99 Circuit City
Verge Remote Skins   Wii  $    6.99 Circuit City
Verge Slipcover for Wii Fit   Wii  $    6.99 Circuit City
Verge Sports Set   Wii  $  12.99 Circuit City
Verge Wireless Sensor Bar   Wii  $  12.99 Circuit City
Wii Glove Kit    Wii  $    7.00 Target
Wii Starter Kit   Wii  $  29.99 Target
Xbox 360 Wired Guitar Hero Guitar Controller   360  $  10.00 Toys R Us
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller   360  $  49.99 Sears
Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adaptor   360  $  99.99 Sears

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

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