Bike Rider DX

Bike Rider DX

Written by Cyril Lachel on 2/5/2014 for Vita  
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Let me introduce you to Bike Rider DX, the single most exciting/frustrating bicycle riding game since Sony released Downhill Domination on the PlayStation 2. It's full of big obstacles, tough courses and a whole lot of high-stakes platforming action.  Grab your helmet and kneepads, because we're about to take a very stressful bike ride around the world.

Hidden away in the PS Mobile store sits Bike Rider DX, a 2D platforming gem from the makers of TapSolitaire. It takes the skateboarding sections from Hudson's Adventure Island and builds an entire game around the idea. The result is a surprisingly involving game for the PS Vita.

You play a teeny, tiny bicycle rider on the adventure of his life. Over the next ten chapters, our little bicyclist will travel from Paris to New York City, hitting London, Hawaii, Tokyo, Giza and even Antarctica on the way. Each stage has him double jumping his way over bottomless pits and other nasty obstacles. If he can make it through all 65 stages, then he'll have truly conquered the world's least-relaxing bike ride.

This isn't as easy as it sounds, as each stage is teaming with hazards just waiting to mess you up. It's not just pits you need to worry about, because there are other racers, boulders falling, birds flying around, spikes in inappropriate locations and plenty of walls to slam into. All it takes is one hit and it's game over. And no, there aren't any checkpoints. You either make it to the finish line (a large flagpole) or you die trying.

As it turns out, successfully completing the course is the easy part. Each level has three golden coins to collect, which our bicycling hero uses to open up new stages. These coins are easy to collect at first, but quickly ramp up in difficulty, ultimately making your life much more difficult. It doesn't help that the levels grow longer as he gets closer to his New York City destination. There were more than a few levels that had me screaming at my Vita. Not that it helped much.

On top of the 65 stages and nearly 200 gold coins to collect, Bike Rider DX also features a couple of endless modes. This allows players to test their skills on a never-ending stage, which keeps track of everybody's best runs. The game also offers a list of achievements to unlock, though they are not tied in any way to PlayStation Trophies.

With its good looks and easy handling, Bike Rider DX is a must-own for the PS Vita. The 65 stages will take hours to complete, and earning every last gold coin will take real patience and skill. If you can overcome the treacherous landscape, you'll be rewarded with one of the most satisfying platformers of 2013.

This is not another relaxing bike ride. Bike Rider DX is an action-packed game full of platforming challenges and exotic locales. Can you survive 65 stages of treacherous landscape, each full of increasingly difficult obstacles? You'll find out in this must-own PS Vita game, currently available in the PS Mobile store.

Rating: 8.5 Very Good

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

Bike Rider DX Bike Rider DX Bike Rider DX Bike Rider DX

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