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Atlantic gameSeal

Written by Charles Husemann on 6/22/2007 for DS  
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George Carlin one said that a house was a place where you stored your stuff.  As you accumulate more stuff you fill up your house and when that house is full, you buy a new, bigger house.  The gameSeal from Atlantic is a house for your DS, games and related accessories.  A better description might be that the gameSeal is an armored bunker it is constructed of shockproof plastic and high density foam.  Measuring 12.13" X 7.75" X 2.25" the unit isn't exactly tiny or overly portable.

The press materials state that the case can hold 12 DS and 16 GBA games in the case but if you are so inclined you can store an additional 12 games in the GBA slots.  Using the slots in the manner is a bit of a hack but it does provide some additional storage options if you have more DS games than GBA games.  I'm not sure why a DS case would have more slots for GBA games than DS games but at least you can re-purpose them if you need to.

The gameSeal can store a standard DS or a DS Lite through a removable piece of high density foam.  Just to the left of the DS storage area is an area to store your charger cable or any other device you want to store(such as a car charger).  The area holds item down with a small bungie cord so if you've got other stuff you want to store you can put it there as long as it fits in a 2" by 2" area.  Any good house needs a lock and the case has a loop on the top that you can use to thread a small pad lock through.   I'm not sure why you really need a lock on a portable case but it does provide a small measure of security for those who need it.

The case comes with a nice long adjustable carrying strap so that you can can sling the gameSeal over your shoulder. This does make the gameSeal feel a bit like a gaming man purse.  The case doesn't come with any kind of handle so strap is the only way you can comfortable carry the case.  While you can shorten the strap a bit I still would have liked to have had some kind of handle built into the gameSeal itself as smaller hands are going to have a hard time picking the case up with out assistance.

If you're wondering why it's called the gameSEAL it's because Atlantic put a silicone gasket around the edge to help keep water out.  To put this to the test I took my DS out of the case, put a paper towel in the center of the case, closed it, and then ran water over the edges of the case.  Opening the case revealed that the unit was indeed water tight as there was no water inside the case and the paper towel was bone dry. This was impressive feat and I think it makes the gameSeal the ideal solution for trips to the beach or pool or other areas where your DS could be exposed to liquids.

At $39.99 the case is just a smidge on the expensive side but you do get something that is well built and water proof, two things that are key when you're protecting your gaming investment.

After using the case for a few weeks I think this is an ideal solution for folks with children or who have a bunch but not a lot of DS games. It's a bit on the large side so those looking for a case they can toss into a briefcase or purse may want to look elsewhere.  I was a little meh on the design of the case however some of the children my girlfriend babysat for really loved it.  When all is said and done if you need a large, solid DS case then the gameSeal is worth checking out.

A solid, large case to hold all of your DS gear. The thing is built like a tank and is water tight so it's perfect for children and trips to the beach or pool. It may be a little large for some users though.

Rating: 8 Good

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

Atlantic gameSeal Atlantic gameSeal Atlantic gameSeal Atlantic gameSeal Atlantic gameSeal Atlantic gameSeal Atlantic gameSeal

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