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Couchmaster CYBOSS

Couchmaster CYBOSS

Written by Elliot Hilderbrand on 12/13/2022 for
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I like to write. Besides playing video games, it's my biggest hobby. Since it’s only a hobby and not a full-time thing, I find myself writing wherever and whenever I have free time. Sometimes that means on my big, bulky desktop PC, and other times on my smartphone. But since I’m married, that typically means sitting next to my wife, multitasking while something plays on TV. When I’m on the couch, I have a small laptop pillow desk; I’m not even sure what to call it. My wife picked it up for me at Five Below a year or so, and I’ve used it ever since. Today that changes. I’ve been sent Nerdytec’s Couchmaster CYBOSS, and it has changed my life for the better.

When I opened the box, the Couchmaster CYBOSS came with two memory foam cushions that will hold up the included lapboard. Those are the three main pieces. There is also a large mousepad; the underside peels back to show it can be attached permanently to the lapboard. Assembly is a breeze. Some mouse pockets need to be attached to the cushions, and two more stickers need to be put on the lapboard to help keeps things from falling off. Installation of everything takes a few seconds; calling it "installation" is kind of an insult to the word. I decided not to attach the sticker parts onto the lapboard, as I like being able to move the mousepad around, but I can see that biting me in the butt later if I lose it, but any mousepad can be used if that happens.

The lapboard is 29.5 inches in length and about 13 inches wide. On my smaller-than-average couch, the board takes up most of my half. I don’t mind that; it wasn’t intruding on my wife’s half, but it might intrude a little on smaller couches. The lapboard has some cutouts in the center to help with laptops that create too much heat. On the top right portion, there is a cutout for a tablet. I loved placing my iPad there; the cutout has a smaller cutout to place a changing cord through. The lapboard feels like a solid piece, I could use it as a weapon if push came to shove. I doubt that wasn’t on the list of features, but I like to think outside the box sometimes.

I found myself using the Couchmaster CYBOSS mostly on my couch. It worked well on the floor, as well as on my bed. I might have enjoyed it the most on my bed; I set it up on a Sunday afternoon to do some writing on the bed while I watched football. Setting my laptop on the left part and having the tv to the right of me provided space to see both screens without any problems. I also found I could use it on one of my chairs with just the lapboard, using my chair’s wooden arms to stabilize the lapboard. Worked well, but the height wasn’t as good as when I used the cushions.

The Couchmaster CYBOSS has nailed the height with the cushions. I have never been more comfortable writing on the couch or bed with my laptop. I usually feel hunkered down, with my back leaning forward when I write. I get in the zone of writing and don’t notice until I stand up to take a break. When I do finally get up, I need to have a good stretch. That doesn’t happen with the Couchmaster CYBOSS. The height of the cushions is perfect. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and haven’t noticed the cushions getting smaller, either. The cushion material doesn’t feel clammy with long work sessions; I’m not touching them myself which helps. They also feel sturdy. I was a little unsure when I initially opened the box. They come vacuum sealed, and filled out quickly. They’re soft, more than sturdy enough to hold the lapboard, my laptop, and the weight I put on it from my arms while I type. I’m a bigger guy, and I had zero issues with using the device. I never felt like it was pushing into me.

When I’m talking downsides, I only have a few issues that stick out; none are game changers, more of a quality of life type issues. The first is the price. The Couchmaster CYBOSS retails for around $150 USD. To me, that screams premium, and while I feel the price versus the quality of materials is matched, it still takes this out of the impulse purchasing territory for me. I don’t think I could convince myself to buy this just from browsing online.

I found the size of the lapboard to be big. Most of that is my couch. My wife and I have a smaller medium-sized couch, and the Couchmaster CYBOSS takes up my half without question. I don’t mind that, but I can see how someone with an even smaller couch might have an issue if they share the couch with someone else at the same time. I don’t know where to store my Couchmaster CYBOSS when I’m not using it. The lapboard will fit under my couch, but finding a place for the pillow cushions has become an issue. I put them in my coat closet when I’m not using them. Lastly, I feel weird putting it together and taking it apart every time. I feel that I need to either set it all up, with me sitting down and having my wife bring me my laptop over, or have a side table set off just to the side of me to store my laptop when I am putting the Couchmaster together, or taking it apart. I feel somewhat trapped when I am sitting and using the device. Getting up and down isn’t hard, but it requires some thought on my part, making space for everything before and after I am done using it.


But these minor issues feel like technicalities. As a guy that spends a lot of time writing, I found the Couchmaster CYBOSS to be a great help to me, allowing me to comfortably engage with my writing obsession while still spending time with my wife. While the price might be a bit steep for someone using the device more casually, for those that spend serious time with their laptop, the CYBOSS can be a total game changer.

When I go to write on the couch, I am going to be using Nerdytec’s Couchmaster CYBOSS from now on. The height makes writing feel just as good as it does when I sit in front of my desk. I loved the cutout for a tablet, and the cushion's pockets mean I don’t need to worry about where my mouse is at. The initial setup was a breeze too. It is a big piece of furniture when you compare it to other lap desks, and the price tag does show that. Thankfully the materials all feel high quality, especially the lapboard and cushions. Even though the lapboard feels sturdy, I don’t know if I would be ok setting a drink on top, only because of the cost of the Couchmaster CYBOSS. A bolder person would have no problem. It works, and it works well. I don't like the Couchmaster CYBOSS; I love it.

Rating: 9.5 Exquisite

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

Couchmaster CYBOSS Couchmaster CYBOSS Couchmaster CYBOSS Couchmaster CYBOSS Couchmaster CYBOSS

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