RB: The Week Ahead 2.14.2005

RB: The Week Ahead 2.14.2005

Written by Charlie Sinhaseni on 2/15/2005 for
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It's almost surreal to say this, but if you're a Nintendo fan this week belongs to you. Not that there's all that much going on, but two of the top three releases are coming to your system. Will they be worth your time though? We'll just have to wait and see.

Xenosaga Episode II: Der Title Is Too Long To Fit In Ze Heading
Platform: PlayStation 2
Anticipation Level: 8

The boys at Namco hit it big when they released Xenosaga Episode I a couple of years ago. Though hardcore fans argued that they spent more time watching the game than playing, a mainstream audience was captivated by the game’s colorful visuals and easy-to-grasp combat system. The series is back with a vengeance and it promises to be deeper, more colorful and more engaging than before. If you like to eat and play at the same time this is definitely one to watch. You can probably have a whole meal in your system before you step into your first battle. Who wants dessert?

Star Fox: Assault
Platform: GameCube
Anticipation Level: 7

Let’s face it, Rare dropped the ball with its lackluster effort, Star Fox: Adventures. The game abandoned all of the themes of the franchise (like minor things such as, you know, space ships and such) and turned it into a generic Nintendo Easter Egg fest. This one, developed by Namco, goes back to the franchise’s roots by making space combat its top priority, and collecting shiny objects its second priority. The build we saw at E3 was a bit shaky, but Namco is partially known for its aerial combat franchise, Ace Combat. If anyone can restore order to this franchise, it’s Namco.

WarioWare: Touched!
Platform: Nintendo DS
Anticipation Level: 8

If Nintendo is good at one thing, it’s making offkilter games fun. Who would have thought that a game about rolling toilet paper or catching boogers could be so entertaining? Now that magic comes to your DS and takes full advantage of the touch screen to convey the action. It’s tons of touchy touchy mayhem that your friends and siblings will want to engage in. besides, it’s not like the DS is brimming with titles right now. You really don’t have a choice, unless you like $150 paper weights.

Best Ranked Game Last Week

Most gamers like to wait a week before taking the plunge with a new release in order to read up on some of the reviews. The best site for this is, without a doubt, GameRankings.com. These percentages come courtesy of our friends at GR and have absolutely no affiliation with Gaming Nexus and its ratings system.

NBA Street Volume 3 ran away with last week’s title, netting a 91.6% average for the PS2 and bottoming out at 90.8% for the Xbox. This street ball title puts a large emphasis on flashy moves and less emphasis on the team-based tactics that they teach the kiddies in College. Apparently this is the route to go as it easily beat out the second ranked Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II for the PC which came in at 84.8%.

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