Written by Charlie Sinhaseni on 7/9/2003 for GC  
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When searching for the lead role for I-Ninja the director asked, "Who is I-Ninja? What is I-Ninja?" Apparently the answer to that question was a mix of Bobby from Bobby's World, Shinobi and Tony Hawk. For big-headed, wall-running, rail-shredding action, I-Ninja has no parallel.

Sure I-Ninja has substance but he's all about the flash and flair. He scoffs at villians and their tired punch, punch, kick routines. He laughs in the face of bosses with predictable actions. He chastises wannabes who have a hard time grinding across precarious ledges. I-Ninja's a real man's man. He doesn't simply just launch the firework into the sky and watch it explode. No, no, he rides that bad-boy for all it's worth, taking the time to throw up the quintessential peace sign before disembarking.

I-Ninja goes on a beer run

We'll have more information on this title in the very near future. In the meantime, check out the following images of our man I-Ninja strutting his stuff in front of the camera. And remember, I-Ninja ships this Holiday season for the PS2 and GameCube.

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