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E3 2018: What we don’t want to see

E3 2018: What we don’t want to see

Written by The GN Staff on 6/8/2018 for AV   PC   PS4   SWI   WiiU   XBO  
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Let's face it. There are times where we don't want to see something show up at E3. It's those moments where we dread what's happening and hope it's all a dream. But alas, it's not and another cringe moment goes down in E3 lore. Our staff talks about what they don't want to see coming out of E3 2018.

John Yan


  • Teaser for games over two years away: I don't want a small video of say Gears of War 5 or something in that vein. Just show me stuff that I can expect in the next 365 days.
  • Sequel to No Man's Sky: Just.. no.
  • Battle Royale games: I'm already at my limit on battle royale games. We'll probably get more though


Randy Kalista


  • Whatever the next sci-fi or medieval fantasy strategy game is from Paradox. I don’t want to hear it. Why? Because I keep falling for them. And even though their concepts and marketing trigger an endorphin drip right into my brainpan, their in-house developed games are always, 100 percent, without fail, too obtuse and/or too smart for me to comprehend or even enjoy trying to comprehend. I love me some grand strategy games. Boy do I. Paradox always knows how to get me to bite. But it never ends well for me.
  • Like John, I don’t want a sequel to No Man’s Sky. But for rather different reasons. I simply want to see how Sean Murray carries on with the remainder of his career as a video game developer. He’s already learned the harshest lessons the internet mobs can dole out. Regardless, he shut his mouth, put his head down, and went back to work. I’m curious to see what his next game is, for sure. I (sincerely) hope No Man’s Sky isn’t the last video game he ever makes. But more importantly, I hope he’s a person that can keep doing the thing he loves doing--making video games--even with that big scarlet letter sewn onto him.


Dave Gamble


  • Project Cars 3. I am a huge fan of Project Cars 2, and I am impressed with the steady stream of updates that have improved the game to the excellent sim that it is, but there is a lot more to do. I would hate to see them distracted with a massive development effort.


Eric Hauter 

  • I am an instant gratification kind of guy, so I’m not really interested in seeing trailers for games that are more concept than game. I would much rather that developers keep a lid on their efforts until games are close to being done, then reveal them with a big dramatic flourish. Other than that, I'm generally excited to see everything.


Nicholas Leon


  • Xbox Cardboard. You remember when the Wii came out and Microsoft copied it with Kinect? No? Yeah.
  • PlayStation Recyclable Box. You remember when the Wii came out and Sony copied it with Move? No? Yeah. (If you didn't get it that was based on Nintendo Labo) (P.S. don't put either of these parentheticals in the article).


Nathan Carter


  • Endless Battle Royale game announcements or games with Battle Royale with tacked on multiplayer modes just for the hell of it. This genre has only been around for a few years and im already sick of it. I'm sorry but there is nothing fun about constantly having to run to a circle on the map. Now Im not going to knock people that enjoy these games, but seriously the one thing the industry does not need is to be completely over saturated with them.
  • Announcements for games that aren't released for another 3-4 years. This crap needs to stop immediately. Seriously what is the point of announcing a game if it isn't going to be released until many years later? Remember Crackdown 3? That still has yet to be released. Death Stranding? What is this? 3 years since it was originally announced? Detroit Become Human is finally coming out next week and that was announced years ago. I'm not saying every game needs to be announced and released a few months later like Fallout 4 but come on, at least announce it within a 1-2 year window.   
  • Typical EA buzzwords and PR nonsense for Anthem. After the Mass Effect debacle, I have absolute zero faith or excitement for this game. Don't fall for it. They will have a new flashy trailer with horrible fake gamer chatter and hype up how this is going to be the greatest game of all time. Don't fall for it. At this point I seriously cannot trust a single word that comes out of anyones mouth at EA, especially after they ruined Battlefront 2.
  • Sony announces a new Syphon Filter. This is something I wait for year after year and year after year it doesn't happen. I guess Sony doesn't want my money.


Russell Archery


  • While I expect something related to Super Smash Bros. to be announced, what I don’t want to see is the announcement to be something that fans are already expecting, namely character announcements for returning characters.  The original Nintendo Treehouse trailer pretty much confirmed that the Inklings will be involved, but I’d rather see more new characters announced at E3, not “HEY GUYS! FOX AND FALCO ARE IN THE NEW SMASH BROS.”. Give us something new to look forward to, not something we can do with Smash 4 or prior.


Sean Colleli


  • I don’t want to see anything from Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry. I’m really hoping Ubisoft learned their lesson and they keep these franchises on a strict 2-year release schedule, at least. I’d much rather see a new Splinter Cell starring Michael Ironside again or get more on Beyond Good and Evil 2 from Ubisoft.
  • I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but I really couldn’t care less about a new Pokemon game. Whenever Nintendo has one of these on deck it always eats up an inordinate amount of time in their show, time that could be spent on high profile third party release like No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again, Bayonetta 3, or some other fresh new IP or some really good indie games that deserve the limelight. Pokemon is an evergreen franchise, we always know it’s coming. We don’t need 30 minutes squandered on the minutiae about the latest entry.


Kevin O'Connell


  • Anything to do with Fortnite. Between pro athletes (I'm looking at you Mr. Price), and the millions of nine-year-olds screaming into their headsets rage-quitting, I've had quite enough of the most unnecessary game-type ever produced. I assume there will be more of these types coming out in 2018, but for me, they can take their time.
  • I also wouldn't like to see the same ole Madden game. I have been waiting for someone to come out with a Tecmo-style football game - potentially taken to the next level - and instead I get the same overdone, overhyped, Madden 38. Would rather vomit in my helmet.


Charles Husemann


  • I hope we don’t see a continued stream of Switch ports from third party developers.  Yes, it’s great to have those games on the Switch but it would be nice to see more folks take advantage of what the platform can do.
  • I’m a FPS and violent gamer at heart but it would be nice to see more non-violent games on the market.  I’m not talking about kids games or walking simulators but games that are aimed at adults that aren’t about mowing people down.

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E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see E3 2018: What we don’t want to see

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