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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

Written by Nathan Carter on 9/4/2015 for PC  
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Killing Floor 2 was already a great game with the weapons provided, but the problem before this update was that even on normal difficulty, things could get difficult as waves go on because enemies could group up on you. The weapons provided before would always run out of ammo quickly, so you would see your health draining fast without any real way to clear out larger hoards. The other problem was with the much larger enemies that take the whole team to take down. What the Incinerate & Detonate pack does is add some much needed weaponry game to give you more options and ways to take down Zeds. Got tons a hoard of Zeds boxing you in? These new weapons give you and your team the much needed breathing room to take them all out and continue the fight. 

First up is the new Firebug perk which adds a variety of fire based weapons in the game. Instead of a grenade, selecting this perk will start you out with a Molotov Cocktail. I'm sure you all know how these work but I prefer these over the default grenades as they can explode on impact, cover a large area and of course deal damage overtime as Zeds are on fire. Your starting weapon is a flamethrower called the "Caulk n burn". The Caulk n Burn will allow you to spray fire in large areas. Of course because it's a starting item, it runs out of ammo quickly and doesn't deal huge damage but it still does a great job of dealing damage to multiple Zeds at one time and is especially helpful if they start crowding you. The second weapon is called the Tenchgun, a shotgun that is loaded with fire rounds. I absolutely love this gun because at close range, it will deal about the same damage as the support shotguns, but at medium range, rounds will light Zeds on fire and deal damage overtime. The third weapon is the Flamethrower, and deals more damage than the Caulk n Burn and has more capacity for ammo. This is the weapon you want to consider buying when it starts getting to the mid and late game as it will deal an incredible amount of damage and is perfect for when the huge Zeds start showing up. It's also a more than acceptable weapon to have on hand for the final battle against Hans Volter. 

The second new class is the demolitions class and focuses on explosive weapons. The special throwing weapon is dynamite and the starting weapon is a grenade launching pistol. The grenade pistol will fire off a single grenade and does cover a large area on hit. Unfortunately, you need to reload between shots so you need to be careful with every shot. You also don't get a ton of ammo either. The second weapon are C4 charges which can be placed around the map and then detonated at will. If you are on a map with narrow corridors or doorways, this is a good way to clear out an area quickly. It's fun to lay down a bunch of C4, lure Zeds your way and then blow them all away. The third weapon is a grenade launcher. It functions like the grenade pistol but does more damage and covers a larger area. The final weapon is the RPG, a rocket that deals massive damage, and covers a huge area as well. A well placed RPG shot can take out a entire hoard of Zeds. The downside is that you don't get a lot of ammo at all, so it's best to take something else with you as backup. The best way to play the demolitions class is from a distance as the grenade launchers require the grenade to travel a certain distance before detonating. The other weapons, the C4 and the RPG will kill you if you use them up close, so it's best to hang back and provide support for the team if you see a huge hoard of Zeds coming from one direction.

Along with the new perks and weapons, there are also two new maps, Evacuation Point and Catacombs. Catacombs obviously takes place in underground catacombs with very narrow hallways and tight spaces. There is a real sense of claustrophobia in this map as there is not a lot of room to get around and tons of openings so Zeds will come at you from every direction. So far in every game I have played, everyone has been huddling around on a platform in the middle of the map. So far it seems like this platform has the most open space in the map, but it is also an entry point from all directions. All doors and narrow hallways will funnel out to this location. In my opinion, the Commando perk is the best one to use in this map because it is extremely dark and being able to use nightvision in place of a flashlight is a godsend. Evacuation Point is a huge map in part of the city. It remind me a lot of Burning Paris with a large open area with plenty of breathing room for fighting. There are also tons of buildings with narrow hallways and corridors. This is one of those maps where you will want to stay with your team if you aren't familiar with it because you can easily get lost, separated from the team, and picked off easily if you aren't careful. 

There are also a bunch of under the hood changes that have been added as well. The one you will probably notice first off is the new after action report which runs down all of the action in the match whether you won or lost. You can get a detailed report of who killed the most Zeds, who healed the most, who had the most cash etc. You can also get personal stats such as your own personal bests and you can get a detailed report of all the XP you earned during the match. Players can now also vote for the next map they want to play. Other changes include the Berserker skill tree getting a complete overhaul to bring it up to par with the rest of the perks. If you like up close and personal action, then the Berserker perk will be right up your alley. 

This is a major update for Killing Floor 2 and makes a great game even more great. The new added perks and weapons bring a completely new way to play to the game and they are weapons that further let you play the way you want to while also helping the team. The new maps are great as well and all of the added changes are slowly bringing this game up to full release status. I have been recommending Killing Floor 2 to a lot of my friends already. After this update, I am gonna continue to recommend it because they are missing out on some great fun. Looking forward to seeing what else Tripwire Interactive has planned for the future. 

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2 Killing Floor 2

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