Think of the Children

Think of the Children

Written by Randy Kalista on 2/25/2009 for DS   PC   PS3   PSP   Wii   360  
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The ESRB was not playing last week. It was nothing but work, work, work out of those fine ratings folks that pushed 45 games through the chute last week. One of those, Toy World, is for the Pavv Bordo model of Samsung TVs (???). Also, while the ESRB doesn’t rate online interactions, per se, they do label “online” as a platform, as in the case of EVE Online (which is having another go-round on retail shelves thanks to a revitalized Atari.

The PC has consistently run the boards as far as sheer numbers of ratings going through: This week there’s 21 more titles to add to the increasingly small shelf space for PC games. The Wii nabs 9 games, while the 360, DS and PS3 have a three-way tie in third place with 6 titles rated each. Ubisoft announced this past week that they’re bringing Prince of Persia and Shaun White Snowboarding to the Mac, but those two titles haven’t been rated for the platform just yet. Rather, the Mac gets two seek-and-find puzzlers, Book of Legends and Little Shop - Memories; and Cooking Dash (not done by the developers of Diner Dash). The cross-platformer award goes to Ghostbusters The Videogame which is rated Teen for the 360, PC and PS3, with the DS version rated Everyone.

This week’s best bet is a tough one. I want to give it to Ghostbusters, but I have a nagging fear. Ghostbusters could very well be the game that’s gotten too much love and attention during pre-launch, then ends up selling bupkis once it hits retail. Ghostbusters, sadly, could end up being the most rented videogame of the year. I sincerely hope that my fear is unfounded.

The 360 and PS3 are still sharing the brunt of their releases, except for a couple instances: The 360 has an exclusive on Autobahn Polizei and the PS3 gets selfish with Comet Crash. However, the 360 still gets a leg up on the PS3 with Velvet Assassin.

I’m naming Big City Rigs: Garbage Truck Driver as the Intriguing Title of the Week. Simply because it won’t be as interesting as one could hope, and one could hope that there would be a sanitation truck scenario (like the much talked about one in Saints Row 2) that allows you to drive around different neighborhoods spraying excrement from a hose.

Title   Publisher   Rating   Platforms
EVE Online Atari   Teen   PC, Online
Ghostbusters The Videogame Atari  Teen  PC, 360, PS3
Ghostbusters The Videogame Atari  Everyone  DS
Little Shop - Memories RealNetworks  Everyone  Mac, PC
Major Minor's Majestic March Majesco Everyone  Wii
Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Activision-Blizzard  Everyone 10+  PC
Resistance: Retribution Sony Mature  PSP
World in Conflict Soviet Assault Expansion Ubisoft  Teen  PC
Jumpgate Evolution Codemasters  Everyone 10+  PC
Autobahn Polizei Conspiracy Teen  360
Comet Crash Pelfast Everyone  PS3
Crazy Chicken - The Pharaoh's Treasure Mumbo Jumbo  Everyone  DS
Guitar Hero Metallica Activision-Blizzard  Teen  PS2, Wii
Jewel Quest Solitaire III iWin Everyone  PC
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Aspyr Everyone 10+  PC
Terminator Salvation Warner Bros.  Teen  PC, 360, PS3
Velvet Assassin Southpeak Mature  PC, 360
Fabulous Finds ValuSoft Everyone  PC
Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days  NIS Teen  PSP
World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Ubisoft  Teen  PC
Six Flags Fun Park Ubisoft  Everyone 10+  Wii
Gold's Gym Cardio Workout Ubisoft  Everyone  Wii
Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition Stardock Everyone 10+  PC
Big City Rigs: Bus Driver ValuSoft Everyone  PC
Big City Rigs: Garbage Truck Driver ValuSoft Everyone  PC
Burger Island Destineer   Everyone   Wii
Bomberman Ultra Hudson Everyone  PS3
Toy World com2us  Everyone  Samsung TV
Scrabble: Champion Edition Encore Everyone  PC
Roogoo Attack! Southpeak Everyone  DS
Book of Legends 21 Rocks Everyone  Mac, PC
Bit.Trip Beat Aksys Everyone  Wii, WiiWare
Cooking Dash Encore Everyone  Mac, PC
Mysterious City: Golden Prague iWin Everyone  PC
Monopoly Here & Now Encore Everyone  PC
Flower Sony Everyone  PS3
Hasbro Family Game Night EA Everyone  360
Punch-Out!! Nintendo  Everyone 10+  Wii
Crazy Chicken Star Karts Mumbo Jumbo  Everyone  DS
Cate West: The Vanishing Files Destineer  Everyone 10+  Wii
BattleForge EA Teen  PC
Fantasy Aquarium World Destineer  Everyone  Wii
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Rockstar Mature  DS
Pony Friends 2 Eidos Everyone  DS
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2  Namco Bandai Teen  PS2, 360, PS3

Here’s the final tally on who, what and where everything was rated for last week. There were 45 rated titles on 11 platforms (since we’re counting Online and the Samsung TV): 360 (6), DS (6), Mac (3), PC (21), PS2 (2), PS3 (6), PSP (2), Samsung TV (1), Wii (7), and WiiWare (1). There were 32 of the 45 titles rated Everyone 10+ or lower, 10 rated Teen, and 3 titles (Resistance: Retribution for PSP, Velvet Assassin and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars) get all Mature on us.

The running tally of game ratings in 2009 is as follows:

Rating   Count
Everyone  145
Everyone 10+  35
Teen  53
Mature  13
Adults Only  0

Got a comment on the article or a rated game? Put it in the comments section or send me an e-mail. Until next week, make sure you know what your kids are playing…

*The weekly Intriguing Title of the Week (and any game that is tossed in that paragraph) is identified based on a game on the list that catches the eye of the author for any number of reasons. Good, bad or otherwise, feel free to agree, disagree or add some constructive input to the discussion.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

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