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Hotspots and tips for LOTRO high level solos

by: Eva -
Turbine has updated the Lord of the Rings Online Lorebook with a guide for solo players levels 40-60. Some players revel in the danger of living life on the edge as a lone wolf while others haven't the luxury of a solid group of good friends to share their adventures with. The LOTRO Solo Play, 40th – 60th Level feature article reveals the hotspots for soloable quests from Bree all the way into the murky depths of Moria itself.

Cardell Kerr, Creative Director of The Lord of the Rings Online assured Gaming Nexus in our Mines of Moria interview that solo content is a priority for Turbine. Players can look forward to solo and three man instances in Moria. There are many times when players find it hard to coordinate around life's obligations. It's good to know that solos don't have to miss out on the rich story telling that is the backbone of LOTRO. Gamers can read the LOTRO Solo Play, 40th – 60th Level feature article as well as Solo Play for Daring Characters up to 20th Level and  Solo Play From Levels 20 to 40 at the Lord of the Rings Online Lorebook.
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