LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham coming to ComicCon 2014

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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will feature a fairly star-heavy panel at this year's ComicCon.  Troy Baker, Arthur Parsons and Stephen Sharples (TT Games developers), Geoff Johns (DC Entertainment's CCO), Stephen Amell (Arrow), and finally, Kevin Smith will take part in the panel on the Main Stage 1-D at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on Saturday, October 11 at noon.  

There will also be hands-on demos at the DC Entertainment Booth, and new characters and content will be revealed during the show.

For the latest updates, follow the game on Twitter @LEGOBatmanGame.  The hashtag #LEGOBatmanGame may also come in handy.

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News Roundup - 09/30/2014

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First look at the Dragon Age: Inquisition character creation tool

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Dragon Age: Inquisition, the next-gen RPG from Bioware, has released a new video showcasing the Character Creation Tool which was featured in yesterday's livestream on Twitch. The video shows just the how deep the tool is, and highlights all four races available to play as in the game: human, elf, dwarf, and for the first time, Qunari.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is set in a dark fantasy world that empowers players to shape their own experience. The game combines epic storytelling, deep gameplay, and is underpinned by EA's cutting edge Frostbite 3 game engine.

In addition to the character creation video below, you can check out our previous coverage of the game's multiplayer trailercombat systemRedcliff Castle walkthrough, or E3 Demo. More trailers and videos can be found at the Dragon Age YouTube page, or at  Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available on November 18th for the PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.  Pre-order information is also available on the official site.

Take the wheel with F1 2014's new gameplay trailer

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The new video captures the intense competition that only FORMULA ONE can provide as the world's greatest drivers push motorsport's most advanced and exciting cars to their very limits. The wide-ranging rule changes for the 2014 season, including dramatic new turbocharged cars and striking new aerodynamics, plus new and returning circuits, have led to some of the most exciting competition in years and a title race that is too close to call.

 F1 2014 is the only official FORMULA 1TM video game and reflects all of the changes in this year's sport and will also be the most accessible game in the award-winning series. A new driver evaluation system suggests game settings to suit a player's ability and re-graded difficulty settings, including a new Very Easy mode, will enable newcomers to the series to race competitively, quickly. A wide range of career options enable players to experience the excitement and drama of FORMULA ONE races and seasons, without committing the time required to complete practice, qualifying and races sessions or completing each GRAND PRIX on the 2014 calendar.

 Veterans of the series will still be able to choose options to simulate full seasons and tune their settings. With all the driving aids off and on the game's hardest settings, players will experience the authentic demands of racing 2014's incredible cars which put far more emphasis on driving skill.

 F1 2014 will arrive on October 17th for the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Windows PC and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.


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If you love RPG's and have five free minutes CD Projekt has a bunch of new Witcher 3 footage for you

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is shaping up to be one of the biggest and best RPG's and if you want proof check out this five minute plus developer diary which outlines some of the bigger features of the game.

  • Want to learn about the game's new day and night cycle?  It's in there.  
  • Want to know how Witchers have to prepare themselves for battle.  Yup
  • Interested to know how the game is laid out so that the locations of cities and what not make sense?  They have you covered.

All of the plus a lot more is tucked away into the video along with some spanking new gameplay footage for you to enjoy.

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Deathtrap episode two released in Monster Training Academy mini-series

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NeocoreGames have released a new episode in its video mini-series for upcoming tower defense game Deathtrap. In episode two of Monster Training Academy, another defense against monsters is showcased that utilizes the power of high voltage electricity.

Deathtrap is scheduled for release this fall on Steam for Windows and Mac and later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

New RIFT expansion enters open beta today

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It's been a while since I've heard anything about RIFT, but it's apparently still going strong Trion has put Nightmare Tide, RIFT's first major expansion since 2012's Storm Legion, into open beta today.  To access Nightmare Tide, players can open up Glyph (Trion's digital games platform), select RIFT, and then choose PTS from the list of servers in the top right corner.  You'll then be taken to the Plane of Water where you'll encounter new zones and quest lines, a new Rift type, increased level caps, and more.

Nightmare Tide will be available in its final form on October 8th and will be available for free.  Players can also get Collector's Editions that will give them an instant boost to level 60, new equipment slots, a shark mount, and other bonuses.

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Procedurally generated dungeon roguelike TinyKeep launches on Steam

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Developer Phigames and publisher Digital Tribe Games have announced the release of procedurally generated action roguelike TinyKeep on Steam and other digital retailers. In TinyKeep, players are a prisoner that must escape being held in a dungeon that is filled with various deadly enemies.

The complete list of features include:

  • Procedurally generated random dungeons. No play-through is ever the same!
  • Watch your step as it can be your last! Extremely challenging Permadeath gameplay.
  • Explore a variety of beautiful but deadly environments. From the cold slimy walls of the dungeon to the hot fiery pits of hell, TinyKeep is a visual treat.
  • Battle a variety of intelligent enemies, each one determined to make your escape as difficult as possible. Creatures work together to chase you down, flee from threats and fight each other for dominance.
  • Use traps and environmental hazards to your advantage - fire, spike pits and rotating crushers hurt your enemies as well as you!
  • Collect coins from fallen foes to purchase random player-altering Buffs that just might give you the advantage you need to make it out alive.
  • Rescue other captives to fight alongside you, but beware as you never know which ones have gone crazy trapped up in the Keep.
  • Experience 3 separate endings to the game, depending on how you play.
  • Hours of gameplay with Secrets that extend the experience – Discover secrets and weapons that can slow down time, render you invincible or provide secret second chances.
  • Launching with Steam Achievements and full Controller Support; Trading Cards coming soon.

TinyKeep is available now on Windows PC with plans for later releases on Mac and Linux.

2K gives us all the details for "My Career" mode in WWE 2K15

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2K pulled back the curtain today on "My Career" mode for WWE 2K15, the first ever comprehensive, career-driven mode in WWE games history and it sounds incredible. 

First players will go into the Create a Wrestler system and players will start in the WWE Performance Center where you will be trained by former WWE Superstar and head coach Bill Demott. you will compete various activities until you are able to secure a spot on NXT. From there you will continue your journey through multiple matches and objectives.

At NXT you will have to make your way through WWE's newest superstars including Rusev, Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn  and Corey Graves who are also confirmed to be in the game as playable superstars as well. From there, players make their way to the main roster as they secure spots on Raw, Smackdown, PPV events, and Wrestle mania where players compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

My Career will also include decisions made throughout the journey including alliances, rivalries, social media interactions which will impact the players personality traits and the way the crowd reacts to them. Players will earn tons of rewards including new ways to upgrade their attributes, acquire new attributes, moves, unlock managers and clothing that can be worn by the players. 

Finally, the game will include multiple branching storylines, surprises and twists that will add tons of replay value to the game. 

Now, I'm afraid I've got some bad news. My Career will only be available on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game so if you are still playing on last gen systems, you will have to upgrade in order to play this mode. I was upset that WWE 2K15 got pushed back 3 weeks on PS4 and Xbox one but it sounds like this mode will be well worth the wait. This is something that I have been waiting for in a WWE game for a long time. 

WWE 2K15 hits Xbox One and PS4 on November 18th. 

ROCCAT launches Tyon gaming mouse with X-Celerator

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ROCCAT Studios has announced that its latest Tyon gaming mouse is now available for purchase in the United States, Europe, and Australia. The Tyon features the X-Celerator that is described as a two-way analog stick that can perform throttling, sprinting, and other specific in-game actions.

CEO and Founder of ROCCAT Studios René Korte describes the mouse, "No stone was left unturned, no option left on the table. We wanted the X-Celerator to be a major shift in mouse design for FPS gaming and beyond. We put in the testing hours to ensure it would be just that."

The complete set of features include:

  • 8200 DPI Pro Aim (R3) laser sensor for precision gaming at its best
  • X-Celerator thumb paddle for unrivaled command capabilities
  • Dorsal Fin switch for rapid and instinctive control
  • ROCCAT Easy-Shift[+] on-the-fly button duplicator
  • 16.8 million multicolor illumination customizable two-level light system
  • Tracking and distance control unit less pick-up flight for precise gaming
  • 16 mouse buttons programmable + solid mouse wheel
  • 32-bit processor + 576KB memory for rapid macro storage and execution

The ROCCAT Tyon gaming mouse is available now.