Pulpy 1950's magazine covers for a few Nintendo legends

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Astor Alexander is an illustrator living in San Diego, California. While being an illustrator for VIBE Magazine and Skeptic Magazine has paid some of the bills, Astor has also illustrated 1950's-style pulp magazine covers for a few Nintendo icons, and there's at least one tribute to Kevin Levine's BioShock, too.

Astor uses thick paint strokes, simple backdrops, and—without naming names—incorporates just enough textual clues to point you toward the game in question. There's Mario Bros. and Metroid that were easy enough to identify. The Legend of Zelda took me a minute.

Check out Astor Alexander's Behance portfolio for more of his work. [Thanks, Abduzeedo.]


FIFA 16 Player Ratings, #40-31 revealed

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EA Sports has begun to reveal the top 50 players available in the upcoming launch of FIFA 16, starting with #50 and working their way up to the #1 player on Friday. Today, though, we get to see #40-#31 as they will be available upon launch. 

#40: Gerard Pique (CB, FC Barcelona, La Liga, Spain)

#39: Mats Hummels (CB, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga, Germany)

#38: Bastian Schweinsteiger (CM, Manchester United, Barclay's Premier League, England)

#37: Marco Reus (LM, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga, Germany)

#36: Wayne Rooney (ST, Manchester United, Barclay's Premier League, England)

#35: Arturo Vidal (CM, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga, Germany)

#34: Thomas Muller (CF, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga, Germany)

#33: Karim Benzema (ST, Real Madrid, La Liga, Spain)

#32: Thibaut Courtois (GK, Chelsea, Barclay's Premier League, England)

#31: Paul Pogba (CM, Juventus, Serie A, Italy)


Latest Assassin's Creed: Syndicate trailer: London Horizon

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Ubisoft has released the latest trailer for Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, and it features London, London and more London. It appears to all be in game footage of the capital at the height of the Industrial Revolution. There's Big Ben, some cricket, a little bareknuckled boxing, and whole lotta lawns in desperate need of a gardener. Did no one cut the grass in 19th century England? Seeing as the lawn mower was invented about 100 miles outside of London nearly 40 years before this game is set I'd find that hard to believe.  

Anyway, enjoy the trailer. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate releases October 23rd on PS4 and Xbox One and November 19th for PC.

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Star Wars Battlefront will get a beta in early October

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The biggest question people anticipating Battlefront have been asking got its answer today. There will be a beta for Battlefront, and it's coming in early October.

In the beta, players will be able to try out Walker Assault on Hoth (including playable Skywalker and Vader) and the cooperative Survival mode on Tatooine, both of which have had gameplay videos released already. In addition to these, players will also get to play a new mode called Drop Zone. Little is known about Drop Zone so far, but EA promises more information about both this mode and the beta itself between now and its release.

Also, EA has announced the Battlefront Companion, which apparently will be available at during the beta. This companion allows you to edit classes, look at stats, etc., as well as offering a "strategic card game" called Base Commander, which will give you in-game credits to spend on things like weapons and other things.

No specifics on whether or not the beta is open or closed as of yet, but stay tuned here for more details as they're released.

Killing Floor 2 "flexes" its muscles....and gore

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Killing Floor 2 has a new update that many NVIDIA owners will be able to take advantage of. It's using the new PhysX technology called FleX to offer up better gore in the game.

NVIDIA's FleX gives us more fluid and realistic physics with many objects being able to interact with each other. In Killing Floor 2 for example, a monster called Bloat can explode into a pile of guts and fluid that fly around and bounce or slide off of other objects. Something really cool to see is another enemy with a shouting attack that walks by and its sound wave interacts with the remnants on the ground.

Flex looks like it can really take visuals to the next level. I've been a fan of PhysX using it on a wide range of games in my system so seeing Flex in action in Killing Floor 2 is a real treat and a great beginning of what could be a lot of great physical effects coming down the pipe to gamers in other titles.

You can pick up Killing Floor 2 right now on Steam Early Access.

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News Roundup - 08/31/2015

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Microsoft unleashes Halo 5 opening cinematic

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We're still over a month from the release of Halo 5:Guardians which means it is time for Microsoft to start firing up the hype machine for the game.  To that end they have released the opening cinematic from the game which is quite glorious.

The trailer shows Locke and the rest of his team dropping in to rescue Dr. Halsey from the clutches of the Covenant.  While the trailer starts slow it ends with a bang as Locke's team drops in from space and works their way through a large swarm of Covenant forces.  The game shows off some of the moves that the team can do and is one of the more frenetic trailers I've seen lately.  

I'm still a bit worried about the game as the Master Chief Collection was a bit of a let down in terms of fit and finish and hopefully 343 has learned their lesson and done a few extra polish passes before shipping the game off for certification.  We'll find out when the game launches on October 27.

Destiny: The Taken King rocks out to Led Zeppelin in (two-week early) 'launch' trailer

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Destiny: The Taken King is killing it with its use of Vietnam War-era rock and roll in this trailer. While Led Zeppelin's lyrics to "Black Dog" are, on the surface, about a man seemingly unable to curb his sexual appetite, it, uh, still nails a gritty wartime groove to Destiny's pulpy, science-fantasy universe.

The Taken King is fueled by a father avenging the death of his son. As for your guardians: The legend continues. That limited edition PS4 console, though.

Destiny: The Taken King (which officially starts year two for Destiny) is coming in hot for a September 15 launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Mad Max launches on Steam along with unexpected arrival of Hollywood movies

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While indie movies on Steam have been around for awhile, things now have changed quite dramatically with the introduction of Hollywood movies alongside the launch of the Mad Max game. Visiting the Steam section for streaming videos has four pages with the majority being indie content with the latest additions now including:

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Mad Max
  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

The latest film the series is priced at $19.99 while the earlier movies are $14.99. Upon examining my Steam library under the Movies section I discovered a Mad Max System Test that downloads a 30 MB "Mad Max System Test Player," which at the moment just plays a trailer for Fury Road. Further examination of the Steam pages for the movies explain that they're streaming only with further details provided on a support page.

While simply just guesses at this point, all of this strongly hints at big changes in store for Steam in regards to a movie store to possibly compete with iTunes and other retailers like Amazon. While Steam is known for digital games at the moment, it looks as it just might become a one stop digital shop for movies as well.

Stay tuned for continued developments on Steam and the addition of movies.

Night comes to life in new Cities: Skylines After Dark trailer

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Developer Colossal Order and publisher Paradox Interactive have released a new trailer for the upcoming Cities: Skylines expansion After Dark. Pixar-like music combined with scenic nighttime city views make for a truly majestic trailer that's best recommended for repeat views.

Those in eager need of bringing their city into the night don't need to wait long as Cities: Skylines After Dark will be available on September 24 for PC, Mac, and Linux.