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I started gaming with my introduction to DnD basic in 6th grade. By the time I was in high school, I added an Atari 5600 to the mix, but generally spent time on our Apple IIe playing old text adventure games like Time Dungeon and The Wonderful World of Eamon. I learned to code for MUDs in LPC in Explorers. I graduated from roving MUSHes like Dark Gift: Pittsburgh by Night to playing modern MMOs. I'm terribly uncoordinated with console controllers when it comes to FPSs, but can drive a keyboard and mouse like nobody's business. It should come as no surprise that I favor PC games, RPGs and MMOs.

I play a lot of roles in life; wife, mother of 4, sister and daughter. I'm part of a multi-generational combined household of technophiles. I'm also a writer favoring Sci-fi and fantasy as well as an avid reader. Music has always been part of my life and Rock Band is one of my favorite games. I also love science and follow applications of videogame technology in medical, military and educational fields with great interest.

I have a lot of various experiences and interests to pull from. Hopefully I'll be able to keep things interesting.
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