News wishes gamers a happy New Year with a video

Posted by: Nathaniel at 1/9/2014 1:38 PM

There isn't a lot to get excited about in this now frozen and ice-blasted hell-scape we call North America.  You've seen all the drunk Sherlock tumblrs.  You've been banned from your local writers forum because your Sherlock/Smaug slash fic is just too graphic.  I get it.  Life is terrible. may just make it a little less terrible, however.

It lets gamers download and play DRM-free and fairly priced classics they might have missed like Baldur's Gate, System Shock 2, the early Fallout titles, and the list goes on and on.  For Pete's sake, they simply GIVE you a whole slew of old point-and-click adventure titles for simply downloading your first game. Every gamer who owns a semi-modern computer should visit the site. Every one. There's almost no chance you'll be sorry.

The following video details the formation and early years of, among other things.  Enjoy! Discusses 5 Years of History in New Video to Greet New Year

Distributor shares it has given away 18 million games in 5 years; talks about past successes & future plans, the DRM-Free digital distributor with the best games in history for PC and Mac, is starting of 2014 with a look back at where they've come from. In a 10-minute video starring company co-founder Marcin Iwinski, early hire (and Creative Director) Piotr Karwowski, and Managing Director Guillaume Rambourg, the company explores the early days of the service, looks at where it stands right now, and talks a little about what they're planning for the future of the service.

In the video, they share some big numbers about how has grown. With 18 million free games given away to more than 50 million gamers who have visited over the years and more than 360 million hours worth of gameplay downloaded from the service, it's clear that the last 5 years have brought the service to millions of gamers who enjoy classic and new games on Windows and Mac platforms all over the world.

While can't go into too much detail about the future of the service, they definitely re-affirm their commitment to staying 100% DRM-free for as long as they are in business, and they give some hints about what is to come. Watch the video for the above facts and more, at

About is a store that sells games for download. With more than 600 games in its catalog and 150+ partners, they have games from every big studio you’ve ever heard of--Interplay, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts--and games from indie studios that produce brilliant games in obscurity. Formerly known as Good Old Games, has games from as far back as 1981 and as recently as yesterday. With the best games in history for PC and Mac, has grown to be the #2 independent digital distributor on the 'Net.