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posted 10/9/2003 by Cyril Lachel
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One Page Platforms: Xbox
As he explores the countryside, Vince will run into new voodoo powers he can pick up, eventually collecting all 30. Many of them silly, like the tornado or the blender, but there are some that offer up a good visual as well as a few chuckles. My personal favorite, running with scissors, involves a joyful Vince skipping around with scissors only to cut himself into two. In another you see what it would be like if the 1930’s mafia was interested in snubbing out frightened voodoo dolls.

Each of these voodoo deaths kill everybody close to Vince, making a lot of combat a breeze. But using your voodoo powers alone won’t do everything for Vince, he can also jump and spin and punch, a general assortment of generic 3D platformer moves sure to come in handy throughout the quest.

While there are a few well-developed puzzles, most of the challenge of Voodoo Vince comes from simple jumping exercises. Like so many platformers before it, this game is no different when it comes to moving platforms, tricky jumps, and bottomless pits. Seasoned gamers won’t bat an eye, but the game does manage to become a little cheap towards the end.

To aide him on these harrowing jumps, Vince has been given the ability to hover. Working much like a parachute, this trick allows you to slowly aim where you’re going so you don’t fall into too many pits. This is just one of the many useful additions added to the game to make it a joy to play. The controls don’t really do anything special, but they are always precise, they are extremely easy to use, and are never to blame when you fall in the drink.

All through Vince’s journey we are treated to some of the most bizarre, if not morose, visuals you have seen in a platformer. This interpretation of New Orleans paints it as a dark and dreary place, where many ghoulish things are waiting in each dark alley. A place filled with dread and fear. There’s no doubt about it, while most conventional platformers are bright and cheery, Voodoo Vince bring a decidedly darker approach to the party.

Gloominess aside, the lands you travel through could not be more enchanting. While the game does not push the limits of the Xbox hardware, Vince is dripping with style. The architecture looks like it comes straight out of a Tim Burton movie, using anything but straight lines and adding a coat of mystery to everything you run across. Even the most mundane things, like street signs and swampland, all sparkle with originality.
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