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posted 2/8/2010 by Cyril Lachel
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The problem is that it won't take you more than a couple of hours to play through all three of these modes.  The most time consuming mode is the challenge mode, but outside of a few tasks towards the end of the challenges, this isn't as difficult as the name makes it sound.  In one challenge you will be asked to average at least an 80 (out of 100) when performing the ski jump.  In another challenge you need to beat a certain time while in a bobsleigh.  In one of the more inspired challenges you race to the bottom of the mountain with your controls reversed.  While there are definitely a few inventive challenges to master, you'll discover that many of the challenges simply require you to master the controls of the event, something that makes this feel more like a glorified tutorial.

Some people may find the game's multiplayer options a source of replay, however most events involve each player taking turns.  The offline multiplayer is poorly implemented and doesn't offer enough modes to keep the average Olympics fan interested past the first day.  Maybe the online mode is better.  I wouldn't know, I had an impossible time connecting with real people over the game's network.  Bummer.

The one saving grace in Vancouver 2010 is the graphics, which are outstanding.  This is without a doubt the best looking Olympics game yet, which admittedly isn't saying a whole lot.  The game does a good job of capturing the speed associated with many of the downhill events, while also finding ways of making the white snow a little different for each sport.  The character models are also fantastic, even though I was never sure if I was playing a real person or not.  The game comes alive with an interest mix of contemporary rock songs and the standard sound effects.  Unfortunately there's not much in the way of announcers or dialog.  Even though it's a little plain, the presentation is one of the few things going for Vancouver 2010.

Unfortunately good graphics aren't enough to check out Vancouver 2010.  While there are more than a few worthwhile events found on the disk, there's not enough diversity to keep you coming back after the initial play through.  None of the events feel intuitive and the title's in-game tutorial is useless.  I definitely hope the real Olympics aren't as disastrous as this PlayStation 3 game.  Forget about going for the gold, Vancouver 2010 is still dreaming about bronze.

There's very little to love in Vancouver 2010, Sega's half-assed attempt to make a must-own game out of the 2010 Winter Olympics. This dud features confusing controls, lackluster events and only a couple of hours of gameplay. At least the game looks good. As they say: Don't go where the huskies go, don't eat the yellow snow and definitely don't buy Vancouver 2010 for the PS3!

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